Letters to the Editor Sept. 9

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Thank you to officers for quick response

I would like to pass along to everyone in Carson City that we have the finest in law enforcement that you could ever ask for.

Everyone by now is aware of Tuesday's tragedy here in Carson City. I phoned 911 and explained the situation as best as I possibly could. The Sheriff's Department did not send just one car to check it out, but quickly mobilized their staff with military precision. Deputies were on the scene within minutes and, from what I saw, surrounded the entire shopping center with deputies slowly moving in from every angle with guns drawn. I am very happy that by now the shooter was immobilized and no officer was hurt. I later saw that the responders were from Carson City, Douglas County and many other agencies.

The Sheriff's Department bused the witnesses to the Sheriff's Office for interviews. Already waiting there were counselors, chaplains and staff from the District Attorney's Office, asking if anyone needed food, water or medicines. I was interviewed by someone from the Attorney General's Office, and my son was interviewed by someone from the FBI. This was truly a group effort by everyone in the state. Sheriff Kenny Furlong and his deputies performed as if they had been training all month for this event to unfold.

Our many thanks to all of those who came to support all involved in this senseless shooting. I feel safer knowing directly the protection that we all enjoy.

Ralph Swagler

Owner, Locals BBQ & Grill

The Debt Ceiling

The Conference Board confidence index has plunged from 59.2 in July to 44.5 in August, the lowest since April 2009. This reflects growing public alarm over the House Republicans' brinksmanship over raising the debt ceiling and the resulting loss of our AAA rating from Standard & Poor's.

It is starting to sink in that a gang of virtual suicide bombers is currently in control of the national purse strings. They're perfectly happy to put the country into voluntary default if their demands are not satisfied, knowing full well that the U.S. government defaulting on its legal obligations for the first time in history would fulfill Osama bin Laden's fondest dream of collapsing our national economy.

Lawrence O'Donnell often says that Grover Norquist, the Republicans' anti-tax overlord, is the most powerful man in America not living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and that he seems determined to take care of bin Laden's unfinishedbusiness.

No patriotic American should vote for any candidate who has pledged allegiance to the likes of Grover Norquist. They should vote for someone who has pledged allegiance to you and me.

Rich Dunn

Carson City

Even Buffett says rich shouldn't get tax breaks

Keith Berry's letter to the editor, published Aug. 19, is a bit off target. Mr. Berry does not seem to realize that our president is not a king nor a dictator. He presents his ideas and plans to the Congress, and it is then up to our representatives in Congress to turn those ideas into laws and allocations for their implementation. Our president cannot make the presentation of his ideas until Congress returns from its August vacation, so he has to wait, just like we do.

If you have something specific that you want done, contact Nevada's two senators and your congressman. That is how our democracy works. They are called our representatives for a reason. Contact information is available at the Nevada state website, www.nv.gov.

Mr. Berry also commented about the president wanting to take people's assets to equalize the wealth in this country. He needs to read comments made by Warren Buffett (one of the wealthiest people in the country) this past week. Mr. Buffett stated it does not make sense for him and other wealthy Americans to be given tax breaks when they can afford it, reducing the national debt. Mr. Buffett is a very successful businessman who has made sound decisions during his life. We should listen to his advice.

C. Joyce Peirce

Carson City


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