Silver Dollars & Wooden Nckels: Furlong, staff handled situation professionally

SILVER DOLLAR: To Sheriff Ken Furlong, the Carson City Sheriff's Department and all the other public agencies who reacted quickly and professionally to the tragedy at the IHOP on Tuesday. Under chaotic circumstances and in the glare of international media coverage, Furlong was informative and calming - exactly what the community needed.

WOODEN NICKEL: To those opportunists who used Tuesday's events as a platform to advance their own political agendas - gun control, immigration and mental health issues.

SILVER DOLLAR: To the men, women and children who dreamed up, designed, built and rebuilt Carson City's C Hill Flag as a lasting symbol of the community's resilience, patriotism and unity in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Their red, white and blue legacy endures 10 years later - and will for decades to come - as a visual pledge of allegiance to city, state and country.

WOODEN NICKEL: To Westboro Baptist Church, whose members have been hinting - threatening? - to picket various upcoming public events, including memorial ceremonies related to the victims of Tuesday's IHOP shootings in Carson City. The church is also threatening to picket the Dallas Cowboys-New York Jets football game. We won't dignify the hate group by trying to explain why they feel compelled to protest at places like funerals and football games.


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