Letters to the Editor Sept. 13

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Writer has question for bear hunters

I was just wondering how many of those lamenting the hunting - and yes, killing, not harvesting - bears feel it is perfectly proper to kill - not abort - an unborn human fetus? Just wondering.

Robert Wellise


Let's shoot the bear ...

Yes, by all means let's hunt the bear. They, like local graffiti artists, mar and disfigure our private properties and businesses in order to mark their territories.

Let's hunt the bears. They, like local drug dealers, are a proven menace and danger to our youth and schools.

Yes, let's shoot the bears. Their overpopulation, as our jails and prisons, strain Nevada's taxpayers and state budgets.

Let's shoot the bear. There is no doubt our local Nevada law enforcement will see a huge decrease in private and commercial theft.

By all means, let's shoot the bear. Their scavenging for food is as dangerous as gangs scavenging for violence and crime.

With child pornography, child abuse and child molestation on the rise, thinning of the bear population will certainly have a positive impact on these insidious crimes.

As far as damaged trash cans, it's cheaper to replace them than support a convicted rapist or murderer for 15 to life.

Now, you tell me what animal poses more danger to the human population.

Michelle MiTchell

Carson City

Lower flags until all our military are home

After reading the letter to the editor from the man who was angry about our president and governor not ordering the American flags to be flown at half-staff for the 30 men who died in the helicoper crash, I would like to add: Why shouldn't the flags have also been lowered for the thousands of young men and women who died before them?

I believe that out of respect for all who have died and will die in the future because of our engagements in conflicts all over the world, we should all lower our flags until our militaries are safely returned home.

Glenn Bush

Carson City


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