Letters to the Editor Sept. 22

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Hope has a place in Carson City. Sept. 9's HopeFest 2011, held outside at the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, celebrated five years of caring for cancer patients in the region.

With HopeFest as a first-time event, we were especially pleased with the turnout of over 700 guests and their generosity in helping raise funds. More than $37,000 was raised, (with) 100 percent of the net proceeds benefiting local cancer patients through programs like Project Gas Tank, Project Prescription, free diagnostic screening, education, awareness and a host of other ongoing Cancer Resource Center patient support programs.

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of The Firkin and Fox and High Sierra Brewing Company. Jim Phalan and his staff, particularly Vicki Shell, poured their energy into securing donations for the food and beverages served, and what was not donated by their vendors was supplied by Firkin and Fox or High Sierra at no cost.

This allowed 100 percent of the food and drink proceeds to go directly to local cancer patients. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated community partners. Please help us repay their generosity by supporting their establishments with your business.

We would also like to acknowledge the generosity of Dick and Mary Campagni. Their continued support of the Cancer Center through donation of a car for the raffle added significantly to our $37,000. Thank you, Campagni family.

See you all next year at HopeFest 2012.

Board of Directors

The Carson Tahoe Foundation

I keep reading about the numbers going up for unemployed citizens here in Carson City. A friend of mine underwent surgery a short time ago and was told that her job would be waiting for her when she got back and the doctor had signed her off. It was recommended that this person start half days and work up to full time again.

Her supervisor made the comment that half days were of no use to him and that this person was no longer employed. The right-to-work-state comment was made to her when she tried to understand why her job was gone after an agreement was made prior to the surgery. She also returned to work on the agreed date.

This person will undoubtedly try and get unemployment help until she can find another job.

It would seem that employers need to do their parts in keeping their current employees employed, especially when the person was doing a good job. Now we have one more person seeking unemployment help while another will be hired in her place and will have to be trained. It just doesn't make sense.

The attitude by employers of being able to pick and choose is sometimes damaging. Hiring and firing can keep employers in better financial shape by paying beginning wages all the time, therefore producing another fired employee seeking benefits.

Just my opinion.

Nadine Klestinski

Carson City

A crime is going on in our city - most disgraceful - which truly needs to be addressed.

Living amongst the bushes by night, and moving about by day between Safeway and the Frontier Plaza exists an elderly woman who talks to herself. So as not to character-assassinate her, I'll just say she is mentally troubled.

At first glance, one would think, "Why is not mental health helping her?"

Her jacket, as well as her hands, face and hair are filthy dirty, her sweatpants are stained with urine and encrusted down the back of both legs by her own dried feces clinging to the outside. The stench alone is unbearable.

You can't talk to her because her answers make no sense, and they are nothing more than gibberish and senseless babble.

The crime is why our city and mental health are allowing this to continue. Why doesn't someone get this poor woman some sort of help? Even if it's Lakes Crossing in Reno, at least she would be cared for on a daily basis. At least she would have clean clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in and proper medication.

Is this how Carson City treats its homeless? Where's the compassion, kindness, empathy and the extended hand of friendship?

There is a crime going on, but I guess it's easier making fishing ponds for children, freeway bypasses and plans for a new library, than it is to help someone in need.

Michele GARciA

Carson City


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