Indian Hills General Improvement District on boil notice

Indian Hills General Improvement District has been put on a boiled water notice as of 6 p.m. tonight by the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water for bad bacteriological sample results taken on Wednesday.

Residents are advised to not use the water for brewing coffee, washing food products, teeth brushing, or other uses which would allow water to be consumed orally. Water use for cleaning, showering, hand washing with soap, toilet flushing etc. is permissible.

According to a press release, the District's chlorine residual is somewhat lower than normal.

The District is required to send in more samples on our three small water wells that have been on line. Those samples will be taken Friday.

The town of Minden will also be required to sample their wells Friday as they are the District's main water source now.

According to the release, the district says it is "doing everything we can to reslove this situation as soon as possible."


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