Citizen's Academy deadline approaches

For anyone who has ever wanted to take off the roof of the Carson City Sheriff's Office to understand how the whole office works, the opportunity will come with the Citizen's Academy.

The Academy runs from Sept. 5 until Oct. 30, every Wednesday night from 6-9 p.m.

The deadline for the academy is approaching with applications due by Aug. 31 to Volunteer Coordinator Ken Smith.

The Academy, run by the Sheriff's Office, will run the gambit of the sheriff's duties from the jail, to the forensics lab, to the dispatch center to a demonstration by the SWAT team.

"I take the roof off this building and make it available to the citizen," Smith said. "We try to get you to understand every office in this building.

"It breaks this building down into rooms," Smith said, gesturing to the walls around his office.

By the end of the nine-week program, most participants should be able to understand the workings of the entire office.

"We'll explain how long you have before the SWAT team comes through the door," he said.

The first week sees a welcoming by the Sheriff, followed by the mission and code of ethics, which finishes up with a tour of the office and the jail.

The second week is all about evidence and the forensics lab, while the third week is about the civil side of the office, records, the traffic division and DUIs.

The fourth week sees the students at the communications center, while the fifth week is all about crimes against the elderly, Smith's favorite week.

The sixth week is all about the SWAT team, the seventh about school services and domestic violence, the eighth about street gangs and the K9 deputies, while the last week is about the coroner and the volunteer units.

For more information, or to fill out an application visit the Sheriffs Office at 911 E. Musser St. or contact Smith at 887-2020 ext. 41932.


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