Letters to the editor

Nation headed for meltdown

People going naked in San Francisco, men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women. States issuing drivers licenses to illegals, claims that unemployment is going down, of course, temporary help for Thanksgiving and Christmas, back up after the first of the year.

The government falling off the fiscal cliff and the Congress can't solve the problem. The Democrats want more money, the Republicans want deficit reductions. Is there no way to get these kids together? Just like kids, "It's my ball and if you don't play my way, I'll take my ball and go home."

And now some of the states allow pot smoking. Sounds like this country is headed for a complete meltdown. Think about it, folks, and contact your Congress person. By Congress I also mean the Senate.

This is our country, stand up for it and demand common sense from Washington, D.C.

Bill Beil

Carson City

Obama needs to shift energy policy

Now that the election is over and we know President Obama will be in the White House for the next four years, it is again time to voice concerns about his proposed energy strategy and let people know how it will impact America's future.

Most of Obama's policies so far have failed to move the economy in the right direction, and his energy policies have been abysmal. His support for new energy taxes undermines the private sector's ability to create new opportunities for American workers. American energy companies are ready and willing to develop domestic oil and gas resources, and in the process create lots of new jobs.

It's absurd that during this time of economic hardship President Obama continues to give billions of dollars in handouts to "green" energy companies, while supporting proposals to raise taxes on American oil and gas. Taxpayers are tired of Washington trying to pick the winners and losers. This strategy has proved time and again to hurt the economy.

Tax increases on American energy companies would have long-term and far-reaching consequences. These taxes would impact American jobs and diminish investment in our economy. The last thing Congress or President Obama should be doing is supporting taxes on U.S. businesses that provide Americans with energy.

Theresa Catalani

Carson City


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