Say prayers for Ella

My name is Doreen Mack and I want to say thank you to all in our community who participated in the Santa Parade and activities at Telegraph Square on Dec. 8, and a special thank you to my family for making this a wonderful event. Mrs. Santa is one of the most rewarding events I have done. The following story is about a young girl who touched my heart. One at a time, I introduce the children to Santa as they tell him what they want for Christmas. Then Ella, a beautiful, fragile 13-year-old, approaches me and tells me she suffers from a blood disease that is a genetic disorder and she wants to ask Santa to please not let her go back to the hospital, she wanted to be home for Christmas. With a broken heart, I gave her a hug and told her we would pray for her. I then presented her to Santa and told him about her condition and wish. He also said, “We will pray for you.” God gave me the greatest gift of all, Santa is my son and I could not have been prouder of him than at that moment, and Ella is in my heart. Say “prayers for Ella.” God Bless,Doreen MackCarson City


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