For Pablo Cruise: It is the same music, but a new experience

Dave Jenkins returns on July 11 for his second performance at A Concert Under the Stars, a fundraiser for The Greenhouse Project, with his band, Pablo Cruise.

Jenkins performed four years ago for the inaugural event, which takes place at Cafe at Adele's, but his love of music began at a tender age.

"My folks had an old pump organ and I couldn't reach the pedals," Jenkins said. "I'd play and my sister would pump the pedals for me; I always had an ear and a love for music."

He was inspired by the band of his youth - The Beatles - and recognizing his interest, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons, an exercise he disliked. He found his love in guitar.

"I always played in the shower because it sounded so good in there," he said.

His father tried to steer him in a more practical direction and Jenkins' satisfaction came many years later when during a concert, he saw his dad on stage smiling ear to ear and singing all the songs.

"I realized the hardest thing (in life) is parenting, and I was glad he was so proud."

Today, the love and passion for music is evidenced in the release of a live performance DVD/CD, "It's Good to be Live," in November 2011 and extensive touring since reuniting original members Jenkins, Cory Lerios and Steve Price, and adding Larry Antonino who came to the band via Bill Champlin (of Sons of Champlin and Chicago). Pablo Cruise is reminding fans of simpler times and making new memories in the process.

"To be honest, not a lot has changed," Jenkins said. "Except today at shows, people bring their kids and seem to enjoy it."

From 1975-1985, Pablo Cruise released seven albums, toured continuously and among other accomplishments, were the first rock band to perform at The Grand Ole Opry and in 1979, broke Elvis Presley's attendance records at The Sahara Tahoe at The Lake, becoming the first rock band to play a casino showroom.

Signed by A&M Records in 1975, Pablo Cruise was part of the music tapestry of the time with such hits as "Love Will Find a Way," "Watcha Gonna Do When She Says Goodbye," "Place in the Sun," among others, a collection that has stood the test of time.

"Thank God we wrote songs that have room for improvisation," Jenkins said. "Which makes playing them a new experience each time and keeps (the band) from getting bored."

Jenkins had always kept his hand in music, but it took Price getting married for all three to reunite.

"Steve wanted his wife to hear the band so we planned one show in Sacramento and as soon as Cory and Steve joined me ... well, it's a different deal (compared to playing with others)," he said. "And having Larry's talent has been amazing."

For now, Pablo Cruise is focusing most of their touring in the West, though Jenkins receives numerous requests from the East wanting the band to perform.

"Hopefully that will come in time," Jenkins said, noting that with travel being what it is these days, the band would need to book several shows in that market to make the trip. "For now, we're focused on getting the DVD aired on (Public Broadcasting) and performing closer to home."

The DVD/CD is available at their shows, or at, where you'll also find the latest band information.


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