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130 Years Ago

Spunky Tramps: An army of Eastern tramps tried to capture a locomotive and train of cars at Wadsworth... Nothing short of a quarter ounce bullet out of a pistol will make good men of these tramps.

120 Years Ago

Big funeral: Ah Chuck, second in command of the China Free Mason Lodge had a big funeral. The hearst was Undertaker Wright's very best with glass sides and an automatic lever to shoot the coffin out among the pall bearers... There were also some women in the back who howled mournfully at a dollar an hour, or $1.50 a round trip...

70 Years Ago

Captain Pete Mayo of the Washoes, aged 102 years old, died in Dresslerville thus bringing to a close a long and colorful career. Born in Truckee before the first white man came, Captain Peter was the son of Captain Jim who ruled the Washoe tribe. Captain Pete believed that he was endowed with spiritual power and held influence over the Rain God... and he did.

50 Years Ago

A thirteen story balloon was launched 1,000 miles into space. It was a brief but spectacular flight that appeared as a brilliant star to early risers along the Eastern Seaboard. The Echo-2 balloon will be in a new series of "mirrors in the sky" to reflect radio and television signals around the earth...

30 Years Ago

Ed Astone, historic preservation consultant unveiled plans for rehabilitation of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad shops. The plans show a casino, two restaurants and retails stores renting space ... Estimates show it would cost $10,470,000 for the total project.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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