Past Pages July 24

130 Years Ago

A Rich Tramp: A tramp went to an almshouse a few days ago and asked for a night's lodging. His belt with full of gold, silver and currency, and he left with the Stewart. Come morning time the man was ill with typhoid fever and the physician wanted him to make a will. The Tramp said he wouldn't die, but he did. Probably the bath didn't agree with him.

120 Years Ago

Mr. W.O. Franklin, the only paint man on the coast, is prepared to paint the town red or green or any other color... and will play any man billiards in the town. The Appeal is glad to see him, and so are all his old friends.

70 Years Ago

Nevada's general fund: Nevada has several hundred thousand dollars more than is needed in its general fund, but nothing can be done about it until the legislature meets.

50 Years Ago

At a meeting of the Carson high school board of control, Gloria Willis was named varsity cheerleader, replacing Jane Little who moved to Las Vegas.

30 Years Ago

Gas prices up - a recent survey of northern California and Nevada gasoline pump prices indicate the present price for all grades at both self-service and full-service pumps is $1.44.

10 Years Ago

The state's offer for purchase of ranch property needed to build the Carson City freeway, was rejected by the Lompa family. The state offered $2.8 million for 82 acres of the ranch located just a mile east of the capitol on Fifth Street...

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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