DA, contractors to educate seniors Monday

The Nevada State Contractors Board and the Carson City district attorney’s office have scheduled an hour-long session on Monday to advise seniors on ways to avoid scammers and abusers.The session starts at 2:30 p.m. in the Sagebrush room at the Carson City Senior Center, located at 911 Beverly Drive.The Contractors Board recognized that it is not the only agency that deals with seniors being scammed or abused, Jennifer Turner, the board’s public information officer, said, adding that in the upcoming event different agencies and offices can be “united under one roof, for each to give information to seniors” about the scams and potential abuses.The contractors board will discuss scams in the construction industry, warning signs and red flags seniors can recognize “so they don’t become victimized,” and will stress the importance of hiring licensed contractors, Turner said. Scams range from seniors being misled for services they don’t actually need, exaggerated prices for services and even services not being delivered.In the discussion of the district attorney’s Stop Abuse of the Vulnerable and Elderly program, Frankee Haynes, the office’s victim-witness coordinator, said the plan is to discuss Nevada’s elder law and how her office feels “about crimes against elders.” She noted the program isn’t designed for emergency responses to complaints of crimes against seniors.


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