Election letters to the editor

The Nevada Appeal ceased print publication of letters to the editor concerning the election on Oct. 30.

The crisis we face grows more critical each day. The economic and fiscal problems were already at cataclysmic proportions but, now we see our debt 5 times greater. However we now have a new dimension added to this frightening situation and it is a concerted effort to do away with all symbols of our Judeo-Christian culture to deny our right of conscience in matters of faith and to attack all people who dare to openly speak their concerns. Additionally, is the destruction of our Constitutional rights beginning with the first amendment and in all seriousness, with the Presidents cult of personality, from children "singing his praise" to supporters chanting "Hail Obama", our Imperial presidency should be rethought by those voters who believe the purpose of our nation is to rule the electorate through Socialism, dispense gold from our public treasury for personal gain and other openly and covert corrupt actions such as Obamacare, Arab Spring, Benghazi and other secretive operations. Tuesday Nov 6th will either be the "Saving of America" or the "Destruction of America". Good luck Lady Liberty.

Royce Tucknes

Carson City


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