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The Nevada Appeal ceased print publication of letters to the editor concerning the election on Oct. 30.

When President Obama was elected president, race was not a factor. We were hopeful he was capable of handling the job.

I don't believe the Democratic party was aware Obama had his own agenda. Rather than admit they had made a mistake, the Democrats gave him full control to pursue his own agenda by allowing him full rein to accomplish his goals. The Democrats had total control of Congress and the Senate. All they cared about was keeping control. All they were concerned about was the party's control and not what was good for our country.

The only good thing about electing Obama was that it showed that the United States was a truly Democratic country and that our citizens can achieve their goals regardless of race. Since race was not a factor in electing Obama, I hope that race will not be a factor to reelect him for another four years. But unfortunately it appears that racism has become apparent in reelecting him.

I implore all citizens, regardless of race, to vote Obama out of the presidency. It is going to take many years to correct the damages that he is responsible for.

Melvin A. Moore

Carson City

In reference to Obamacare and the Republican medical coverage plan, it seems to me the public is only getting a shadow of what both parties' plans are really about.

Both lack explicit disclosure of the cost or what is involved in personal coverage by age and earnings. What are the benefits as opposed to the limitation and restrictions that will be imposed on doctors and medical providers and what medical procedures will be eliminated for the patient? For the intelligent voter, it really is a guess as to what both parties are selling.

What bothers me in reference to abortion by choice is when there is no medical reason for it, that women and the present administration must surely be aware that abortion stops the beating heart of a viable fetus who is a defenseless tiny human.

Worth some serious thinking and should searching before women commit to an abortion.

James McMullen

Carson City

President Obama has finally acted as a president should throughout the deadly weather disaster on our eastern shores.

Sadly, During the 11th anniversary of our 911 terrorist attacks, terrorists took full advantage of killing four Americans as our president, running for re-election, watched from drones in the sky hours after. Days and weeks of begging for extra security by those murdered in Libya and per drone video in real time, our president and our intelligence inside the white house watched as terrorists were still blowing up for 7 hours.

I'm disgusted. Our same leaders who bragged about killing Bin Laden as they watched Seal Team 6 in real time, as seen in pictures of Hillary Clinton's hand over her mouth, now lie about what they knew about Libya? Obama, Clinton, and the same military heads sat the same way inside the White House situation room (watching real time drone video) just as they did during the Bin Laden take down, but in the case of four Americans under attack in Libya, chose to do nothing!

With re-election on Obama's mind, he didn't want to piss off war protesters, a voting bloc he desperately needs, our president made a choice not to go get them! In that moment, I knew Obama and Clinton and their military heads believe Americans are expendable. By the way, I'm a former Democrat.

God Bless the families and loved ones of our four brave Americans we lost in Libya, and God save America.

Patty Pruett


I am writing the week before the election, so my comments are not designed to convince anyone to vote a certain way.

I wrote in July about the limbic response. As a way of review, the limbic part of the brain lives in a world of "all" or "none" and "black" or "white" and does not recognize shades of gray. When the limbic part of the brain is activated, the logic and reason centers become much less active and therefore do not have much influence in our thoughts and behavior. Our brains will tell us that this limbic response is perfectly logical and reasonable. And therein lies the great danger. In order to problem solve, we must be able to access those logic and reason centers, meaning we will have to recognize when we are in that "all" or "none" mental state.

You can recognize the limbic response by looking at the words chosen, such as "always," "never," "whole world," "everyone" and of course comparison to extreme examples.

Once again, someone has written comparing Obama to Hitler. This is a classic limbic brain overriding logic and reason. The comparison needle is pegged to the worst example of a leader. This kind of thinking is not helpful in problem solving but helps perpetuate problems and discord.

Regardless of the outcome of the elections and whether your chosen candidate was or was not elected, how about we try to leave the limbic response and resulting hyperbole behind and work to find the common ground that we share as Americans.

Daniel Schlenger

Carson City

"In capitalist America, the economic repression of the masses is institutionalized to a point not even Lenin could have imagined." John le Carre, author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

If this was the perception of a learned, former British statesman then how much more true is it today with the wink and a nod governance these corporate sharks and raiders now receive? Thomas Jefferson, who while president abolished the Federal Reserve for being unconstitutional, spoke strongly against corporations in America for their inherent danger.

Now, not all corporations are evil. Many of them grant and donate much to deserving causes and act responsibly in the public trust. It is just that in their nature they must serve themselves and their own if they are to exist. With them are many tools for deception and with much money comes much power. And as we know, power corrupts.

There is a saying in business, "You're either growing, or you're going." Nowhere is this more true than at the corporate level. Stocks, despite their original intention, have become a major revenue stream for corporations and a means to greater wealth for the investor. Without growth or increase, any corporate stock becomes less attractive to the private investor. This is the dilemma the oil companies find themselves in now, and there are only two major players in the market today. They have grown so large and swallowed up so much, they virtually have no room to expand. Therefore, they are reduced to claiming more revenue from sales to keep themselves viable.

Of course, there is always the excuse d'jour for why the price of pertrochemical products rise, and it always plays in the media with cover from some supposed voice of authority. Manipulation is easy when you've cornered the market. The simple truth is they just need more money, and this is why the price of motor fuel can rise 20 cents a gallon in a single day.

And because this is such a needed commodity in today's world, it's tantamount to putting a gun to our hands and demanding money. If you or I did that to someone and were caught, we'd go to prison, but the oil company executives buy themselves estates in the Hamptons and send their kids to private schools.

So, what do you say messers Romney and Obama and the rest of your ilk? Will you bite the hand that feeds you and tether this beast? Or will you sit back and take your payola while it devours us?

Kelly Jones

Carson City


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