Volunteers recognized by parks and recreation

Courtesy Juan Guzman

Courtesy Juan Guzman

During the last four months, volunteers coordinated by Jeff Potter of Muscle Powered have built more than a half-mile of trail, which includes six switchbacks and 13 rock walls.

Although work on the trail, which will connect Ash and Kings canyons, ceased for the winter at the end of last month, Potter was recognized Monday for his work.

The Foundation for the Betterment of Carson City Parks and Recreation presented its Special Recognition Awards at the monument at the entrance of the Pony Express Pavilion in Mills Park.

Potter was recognized as the Volunteer of the Year. In his acceptance speech, he acknowledged the time and effort its taken by many, particularly Muscle Powered members, to get the trail started.

"It's been a six-year process," he said. "It's not one person who does this. It's quite a few people who've gotten us here."

Greg Davis was named Volunteer of the Years, recognizing his years of service in youth sports, particularly soccer.

"Thanks to everybody here who helps to make Carson City youth programs the best," he said. "If you think about it, youth is what's going to keep the city going. Carson sure has some great kids."

Finest Fence LLC was honored as the Business of the Year for its customer service over the years working with the Parks and Recreation Department.

"It's not about all the jobs you do, it's the people you meet along the way that makes it great," said Tracy Hinton, of Finest Fence.

GROW - Gardeners Reclaiming our Waysides - was named Organization of the Year for its work in championing low-maintenance, water-efficient landscaping along the freeway.

The names of the recipients were engraved on the wall at the entrance to the Pony Express Pavilion.

Caden Tyler Huarte and Vickie C. Rybak, Carson City residents who died this year, were added to the Memorial Wall during the ceremony.


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