Letters to the editor

Work together to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’To the Nevada delegation:With sequestration, the “cliff” looming over the government and the harm that it could bring to our public and private institutions and to the individuals and families of the United States, our expectations are that you will work together to get these and other fiscal and tax issues resolved. No more kicking the can down the road. You need to find middle ground acceptable to the centrists, the real silent majority of this country. It will require give on both sides, including increasing revenues and taking a scalpel to every program the government funds, including the elimination of most government subsidies. Do not call Social Security and Medicare entitlements, they are earned benefits. However, a restructuring of both programs for everyone under the age of 55 should be on the table. The cuts to other programs need to be thoughtful and done in a surgical manner but substantial. Some programs need to be eliminated altogether. I believe that the Bush tax cuts should expire for all Americans, middle class and the wealthy alike. Let’s go back to the Clinton tax codes. We didn’t re-hire you people to drag feet, play partisan games or to act like children, these issues are way too important for anything but serious, honest results, not just attempts. The word “attempts” allows you wiggle room of “Well, we tried but the other side is unreasonable.” That is bologna, absolute nonsense. Eliminating the national debt and living within a reasonable budget should be the most important issue on the government’s agenda. Melanie L. and Gary F. NigroCarson CityThanks to those who voted for ‘None’I want to thank all the voters who threw their vote away by checking “none of these” or one of the third party candidates who didn’t have a chance to win. If you had voted for one of the two viable candidates, you may have been able to elect Shelley Berkley instead of Dean Heller. If that had happened, then Nevada would have two liberal Democratic senators, just like California. And the worst part would be that both of those liberal Democratic senators would be from Southern Nevada. I can see the two of them favoring the south with road maintenance and construction, infrastructure upgrades and other perks at the expense of Northern Nevada.So thanks again to you voters who threw your votes away.Edward JacksonCarson City


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