Letters to the editor

WNC softball team praised

I just want to say to the Western Nevada College softball team, have a great season in 2013. You are the best, and I will always support you.

Kevin Marcella

Carson City

Questions raised about impact of new Carson-Reno freeway

For the longest time, many residents in Washoe Valley have made known their dislike of the traffic and speeds on Highway 395. For the longest time, everyone was aware of the plan to build a freeway connecting Reno and Carson City that would replace Old Highway 395. No surprises.

So, how in the name of due diligence do Mr. and Mrs. Peitz fail to factor in the drastic change in traffic patterns that were guaranteed to occur once I-580 opened? This is just beyond me. After all, the couple purchased the business in March of 2011, which was just over a year prior to traffic hitting I-580 and multiple years since construction of the new freeway had begun and many years since approval of the project. I am unable to sympathize with what was undeniably simply just a poor business decision.

Also, we spend millions on a new freeway and the NDOT spokesman, Scott Magruder, informs us that no baseline traffic count studies have been undertaken since the new freeway opened. Unbelievable.

Marco Caldana


Carson cops out of control

I nearly choked on my breakfast when I read Sabrina Wheeler's letter of Nov. 9. Ms. Wheeler is apparently under the impression that all "suspects" are guilty just because a cop says so.

She says, "If the cops tell you to comply or to lie down, you better do it." Why the hell should I? I am a citizen, not a slave! In America, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Except in Cartoon City. If Ms. Wheeler thinks the cops here don't humiliate innocent people, she is wrong.

I should know, it happened to me. Last year, I was stopped, assaulted, handcuffed and thrown face down on the sidewalk. What crime did I commit? Looking like somebody that they were (supposedly) looking for. Of course I was eventually let go, but the damage was done. I have been publicly humiliated, and nothing can ever change that. And they didn't even have the decency to apologize!

Adam Peterson is absolutely right. The cops in this town are out of control. How long are we the people going to let this continue?

David Skamel

Carson City

Complaints about China holding debt are absurd

Concerning Robert L. Cutts and "The trouble with China," I agree with trying to keep the brightest foreign students here to better our business and science.

To complain about China holding a "huge portion of our national debt" is absurd. China is doing us a favor by loaning money to us. What we need to complain about are our presidents, past and present, and members of Congress who show no sense of fiscal responsibility, putting our country deeper in debt, causing the need to borrow money and making our money lose its purchasing power.

I hope whatever partisanship in government comes, it goes toward balancing budgets and reducing government expenses. We need a better atmosphere for economic growth and jobs so we don't need to borrow from China.

Ron Moe

Carson City


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