Danielle Greene: Finding my voice

I have never been one to voice my opinion. Oh no, not me. But give me a pen and stack of paper and I can have you a book's worth in about half an hour.

But you will most likely never get me to say those things out loud. That's just who I am. I can write something no problem but when it comes to speaking up I'm beyond lost.

I'm a shy person, if you couldn't tell, and I often refuse to speak unless I am compelled to.

However, with writing I cannot stop my opinionated mind from overflowing. This often leads me to trouble. I guess that's why I decided to do my senior project on writing.

Like I mentioned before I am a shy girl. I'm the one sitting in the corner that no one really notices until either a teacher or a friend of mine brings me to attention.

It's a really ironic situation because, though people don't notice me, I notice them. I know that sounds a little "stalker-ish," but I'm not.

I just notice little things. Like how people may interact with certain people, with their teachers, and how you deal with social issues in school, just little random things. That is why I have decided that I was going to put these observations to use and make them into a senior project.

I have decided to combine my observation and writing abilities to write a column a month about what I see going on in my school.

I am really frightened by this because I hate being judged. I hate it! So this is going to be a big leap of faith for me.

I am hoping for the support of my peers and teachers and I hope to gain a positive experience through this.

I really want to do something I, as well as others, will be proud of.

That's just me, Danielle Greene.

• Danielle Greene is a senior at Carson High School. She is writing a series of columns to run as part of her senior project.


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