Letters to the editor

Carson Mall has all your shopping needsWhat’s the best kept secret in Carson City? Shopping at the Carson Mall!Home Treasures is filled with an eclectic mix of consignment furnishings, gifts and home dcor. Bellissimo Boutique is home to Brighton and Vera Bradley. Sierra Gifts offers an array of gifts along with their just opened Christmas Store. Bridger Mountain Boutique has a great selection of clothing and accessories. Crimson Moon offers up new-age merchandise. Storytime Photo does amazing things to capture the perfect image for your family or child portrait. Paul Schat’s bakery fills the mall with sinful aromas of fresh baked breads and pastries. Charley’s Grilled Subs serves up great hot sandwiches with a friendly smile. Thai Thai has tasty Thai food. There are many others doing business at the Carson Mall. All of these businesses have one thing in common: they are individually owned and trying to live the American dream. Please try and support your local merchants, which a portion of sales tax goes directly to Carson City. We need more than one day that is specific to local shopping, we need every day specific to local shopping. If you haven’t experienced what’s at the Carson Mall, stop by today and see what the Carson Mall has to offer. You’ll be glad you did, and happy to save gas and time by staying local.P.S. Santa and the holiday vendors have the Carson Mall on their list and arrive on Nov. 23. Susie MessinaCarson CityRepublicans should start lying like DemocratsDo you really want to understand why the Republicans lost this election? The answer is quite simple really. Blacks voted because of color and not on real issues, Hispanics voted the way they did because their first loyalty is to Mexico and not America, along with all of the giveaways the Democrats have, why vote any other way? It was not a matter of demographics. If the Republicans wish to win, they have to follow the same very basic rules the Democrats use. First, they have to crawl into the same gutters and sewers along with their media allies. Second, they have to find something people fear, exploit it and find somebody to blame for it, like the Democrats do. Republicans need more news channels to get their messages out to the public. Newscasters need to lie, talk half-truths, cover up the real story until after the election, like the liberal media. Those news channels must find the same uneducated, uniformed, unenlightened, unquestioning listeners that the lame stream liberal media attracts. They must make listeners feel guilty about who they are, what they have accomplished and make them responsible for what their ancestors may or may not have done 100 years ago. Remember the old adage, you can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, obviously all of the people all of the time. This is my prescription to the Republicans for winning elections. I suggest they have it filled.Mike CrawfordCarson CityGOP needs to get back to anti-tax rootsDear Gov. Sandoval:Obama’s re-election guarantees that Nevada’s high unemployment, depressed housing market, high gasoline prices and poor business climate will continue for the foreseeable future.This would be a good time for you and state Sen. Michael Roberson to keep your 2010 campaign pledge to oppose tax increases extending the $620 million tax hike you imposed in 2012 will only damage Nevada’s already-weak economy. Stop arm-twisting online vendors like Amazon to tax recession-whipped Nevada customers. Create a sanctuary for those high-income job creators and homebuyers fleeing California’s Proposition 30 tax hike.Nevada political analyst Chuck Muth points out that between 2008 and 2012, Republicans registered only 6,000 new voters while independent/third parties picked up 48,000 mostly conservative voters. The Nevada Republican party needs their votes, and we can win them back if you will restore the party to its anti-tax roots.We Republican campaign volunteers are getting tired of having our hard work and votes canceled out by what appears to be wholesale voter fraud coming from Harry Reid’s “grass roots” vouchers-for-votes and same-day-voter-fraud operations in Las Vegas.Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller’s online voter registration initiative promises to become a force multiplier for registering felons, illegal aliens and fictitious persons. Our attorney general is corrupt; she only investigates Republican politicians. Gov. Sandoval, as the state’s chief executive, please appoint someone to investigate these operations and prosecute any fraud that might be uncovered.Lynn MuzzyMinden


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