Walt asks for recount in supes race

Molly Walt has asked for a recount of ballots in the Carson City Ward 4 Supervisor race.Walt, the incumbent, lost the race to Jim Shirk by just 25 votes during the Nov. 6 General Election.Clerk-recorder Alan Glover said the recount will be conducted Nov. 30 at the elections division office in the courthouse. He said the process recounts three precincts as a test of the accuracy of the election night count. Given the closeness of the race, Glover said if the results of those precincts change the vote tally by five votes or more, then all the precincts must be recounted. Only the results in Ward 4 Supervisor race are examined.According to Glover, the recount of the electronic machine votes should come out exactly the same as it did election night since the same cartridges containing the ballots will be fed through the same counting machine.“If it doesn’t, we’ve got big problems,” he said, adding that would cause a complete recount of the entire Carson City election.He said the potential difference would come from the absentee ballots in the three precincts selected by Walt — especially the ballots that had to be duplicated because of mess-ups by the voter. Those ballots must be fed through the card counter manually to recount them.The process will be overseen by a recount board consisting of four outside people, three of Glover’s elections division staff and Glover himself as chairman.“I expect it to be fairly low-key,” he said.The results of the recount will then be presented to and canvassed by the Board of Supervisors at their regular Dec. 6 meeting.


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