CRUISIN’ THE MUSES: Buglis make a large contribution to Carson

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David and Elinor Bugli make Carson City a better place to live, a statement of the obvious in search of the uninformed.If you know this already, read on anyway because there is the wisdom of work and play embedded in this tale. If you missed this oldie but goodie news, read on and learn what musical citizenship means.“Sleep is boring,” said David Bugli during an interview as the couple transitions, after a fashion, from summer jazz to autumn symphonic music. Of course, transition is too strong; they’re up to their eyeballs in both most of the year. The Buglis represents much of the driving force behind the Mile High Jazz Band and the Carson City Symphony Orchestra. Not wasting time on sleep was among the reasons given by the couple for unstinting commitment exhibited in making the Silver State’s capital city a cultural haven despite a population of little more than 50,000. But the commitment is in the music as well as its benefits.“I think David always had a passion for music,” said Elinor. And her own reason? Besides the fun of playing, it’s also associations with like-minded people and the opportunity to hear great music. “That’s the payoff for doing the work; you get to hear the music,” she said.So who are these devoted musicians and what exactly do they do?Now retired, they came to Carson City almost three decades ago when Elinor, a violinist, was transferred here from the Washington, D.C. area. She was a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.David, who plays piano and tuba, worked a few years with Sierra Pacific Power, which later morphed into NV Energy. He then did computer work for the state.“We both played in a community orchestra back in Virginia; several, in fact,” said Elinor. “When we got here we found there was a band, but not an orchestra.”Now there is, and the Carson City Symphony Orchestra begins its 29th season this month. The Mile High Jazz Band is a bit younger; it began in 1997.David is music director and conductor of the symphony, Elinor is a violinist and president of the symphony association. David is leader of the jazz band and president of the jazz band’s association; Elinor is the treasurer.But they won’t take all the credit. In fact, they throw kudos to both association boards and mention others frequently.For example, they credit Sue Jesch, orchestral concert master, and Michael Langham, Carson Chamber Singers and choral director.But everyone knows the Buglis are the bulwark of both groups, as well as the August jazz festival that went beyond jazz this past August.It’s all about working and playing, composing and arranging, making music or listening to it. Who needs sleep? • John Barrette covers the arts, senior issues and health care. If you have a story or upcoming event that you want the public to know about, email him at or call 775-881-1213.


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