Letters to the editor

CC-1 ballot question,

an irresponsible action

A "yes" vote on CC-1 will increase our Carson City debt to over $250 million in dire economic times. For what? Another library at a total debt over $4,500 for every man, woman and child in Carson City. San Bernardino, which just went bankrupt, has one-third that per person debt. What's the need?

We already have 31 libraries: four separate public libraries, libraries in each of the 12 public schools, three museum libraries, 11 private school libraries and the Business Resource Innovation Center library. The present Carson City Library is little used, and there is no plan for the building if it were vacated.

Our goal should be to make downtown Carson a pleasant recreation center with shops and restaurants, not an expensive, unneeded play toy for the Library Board.

Hopefully, rational people will vote no on CC-1.

John Vettel

Carson City

President Obama disqualified himself

John O'Neill in his Oct. 4 letter seems to think Romney disqualified himself. I suggest he check his political history book.

Obama disqualified himself when he said he would "cut the national debt in half" and if not he would be a one-term president. Not only did he fail, he threw himself into reverse and doubled it, affecting our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and more.

I suggest Obama resign due to his incompetence and complete failure.

Stuart Posselt


Get government

back to the people

The Social Security and Medicare systems are the foundations of the freedom from want and fear that the American people depend on when they retire. They must be protected and strengthened.

GOP leaders that urge a small government that intends to privatize Social Security and Medicare to destroy these systems are absolutely wrong. They also believe that deregulation and tax cuts for big corporations could create jobs. But, according to an MSNBC interview of a specialist, statistics showed that for many years big corporations did make a lot of profits, but they didn't increase any jobs.

The free market creates jobs in foreign countries, and "made in China" goods are flooding into America everywhere. Ninety-nine percent of American people are suffering from recession. Why do some Congressmen still persist in tax cuts for big corporations even though they don't increase jobs and pay their fair share of taxes?

I believe that those Congressmen are self-serving and unpatriotic politicians. Voters should cross party lines without bias to vote them out of government. It is the only way to show the voters' powers. Voters need to get the parties and the governments back to the people so it works for all the peoples' interests.

Bill Hui

Carson City


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