Burglars target unlocked cars in northwest Carson

A series of car burglaries on the northwest side of Carson City has resulted in two arrests with more expected.

Suspects allegedly targeted at least eight to nine unlocked cars during the weekend, starting on Friday night, Sheriff Ken Furlong said.

"It's not our kids," stealing from cars, Furlong said. "It's someone else (from another county.)"

The first alleged suspect was discovered when a sergeant stopped a suspicious vehicle, he said.

"This is the perfect reason to call on suspicious activities," Furlong said.

The suspects were performing door checks - pulling on the door handles of vehicles to see if they are unlocked. If they were, they rooted inside the cars for valuables, displacing center consoles and glove boxes.

Among the stolen items are laptops, brief cases, binoculars, sunglasses, phone peripherals, GPS units, a camera and a handgun, said Detective Dave LeGros.

Two suspects have been arrested and five total suspects have been identified in the case, although it is still being actively investigated, Furlong said. The suspects range in age from 14 to 22.

When it comes to theft, the line is thin between a house and a car, Furlong said.

Often garage door openers are left in vehicles and some have the garage door opener built into the visor.

"They hit the button and they're inside your house," Furlong said.

A number of items have been recovered, LeGros said.

Victims who have already filed reports should call LeGros at the sheriff's office at 775-887-2500. Victims who have not yet filed a report can either file one at the sheriff's office or call dispatch at 887-2011.

Locking doors and closing windows adds a level of deterrence, Furlong said.

LeGros suggested those with Christmas shopping deposit the gifts at their homes rather than leave them in their cars to prevent Christmas from going to the thieves this year.


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