Election 2012: Carson City School Board, District 2

Candidates run for a district seat but are voted on by all voters in the city, not just residents of their district.

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Email: laureldaviscrossman@gmail.com

Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

I was born and raised in Carson City, and I graduated from Carson High in 1991. I attended Brigham Young University where I earned a degree in English in 1995 and a law degree in 1998. I am a member of the Utah Bar Association and practiced law in Utah before dedicating my time to raising a family. My husband and I moved our family "home" to Carson City nine years ago, appreciating the family and community spirit that make Carson City a great place. As the mother of five boys, I am actively involved in their education and activities by volunteering in the classroom, participating in the PTA, and serving on the Family Engagement Subcommittee for the school district.

What are the top three issues facing the school board, what should be done to resolve them?

There are a number of issues facing the school board. Obviously, limited funding and determining creative ways to do more with less is a real challenge. Improving student achievement and increasing family involvement are also challenges. Resolving these issues will take new ideas and require an open dialogue between parents, teachers and administration. It will also require further development of community partnerships and critical evaluation of which programs best serve the students. Last March, the board adopted Empower Carson City 2017, a 5-year strategic plan for the Carson City School District. This plan was developed by members of the community, parents, teachers, and administrators. As a member of the Family Engagement Subcommittee, I participated in the development of Empower Carson City 2017. As a school board member, I will continue to work for the implementation of this plan to insure that Carson City education is exceptional.

Why should voters choose you over the other candidates?

Like every other parent, I want what is best for our children. If elected a member of the school board, I will always put the children first and be their advocate. I recognize the dedication of our educators. With my experience serving on the Family Engagement Subcommittee, volunteering in the classroom and being an officer in the PTA, I know what it takes to be on the board. I am willing to commit the time and energy to the students and the district.

Occupation: Consultant for the Washoe Tribe Head Start; researcher for University of Nevada Department of Education on Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children

Email: dmoellendorf@unr.edu or moellendorf@charter.net

Phone: 775-315-5504

Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

I have been involved in early childhood education since 1983. I completed my degree from University of Wyoming in Early Childhood Development and an Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement in 1998. Taught early childhood special education and became an administrator for an early childhood special education program in Wyoming for six years.

I have lived in Carson City for the past eight years. I worked for the Washoe Tribe Head Start program as their Disability and Mental Health Manager for six years and now contract with this program. I am also working for the University Of Nevada Department Of Education on the P-T-R for YC research project.

What are the top three issues facing the school board, what should be done to resolve them?

I believe that the most important topic for the school board at this time is providing the best education for our children in this community. Children are entitled to safe and secure environments that challenge them to do their best. We as community members must invest in our time and efforts to help provide this environment not only in our classrooms but within the community. This is why I support the Strategic Plan. Collaboration with community partners is vital in supporting Carson City School District and improving the educational opportunities for our children.

The budget has been a very important topic and will be in the future. This is a time to look at all the resources available within the district and brainstorm creative ways to either combine programs or implement new programs which could save the district money in the future.

Why should voters choose you over the other candidates?

With my background in early childhood special education I have had to learn to adapt my teaching strategies and style to help children succeed in the classroom. I have worked many years on different planning teams to create environments for success in the classroom. Working with administrators, therapists, parents and teachers has taught me to listen and build from their observations and suggestions. Carson City School District needs the support of the community. I feel that I would be a positive member of the Carson City School District Trustees.


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