Man sentenced in statutory sexual seduction case

Two cousins, who pleaded guilty to having sex with a 14-year-old girl, were in court Tuesday morning to be sentenced on charges of statutory sexual seduction.Jesus Roque-Arredondo was sentenced by Judge James Wilson to a year in the Carson City Jail, with a six-month suspended sentence, followed by probation. Roque-Arredondo was remanded into custody.Roque-Arrendondo's cousin, Eriberto Roque-Sanchez, also pleaded guilty to statutory sexual seduction by a person under 21 but his sentencing was continued for a week.Parole and Probation had recommended a one-year suspended sentence with three years of probation, which the prosecution had agreed with.The victim's father took the stand to tell the judge what impact the two men having sex with his daughter had. The sex resulted in a pregnancy which she took to term, giving birth to a daughter in September.“I shouldn't be here, and my daughter should not be at home,” the man said through a translator. “I should be at work and she should be at school.”The men thought of nothing but their own desires, he said.Wilson said the circumstances of the seduction and the age of the victim played heavily into the sentencing.“(She) is still a child,” Wilson said.When Roque-Arredondo is released from jail, he will have to register as a sex offender.


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