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130 years ago

(Continued from Thursday) The Flying Leap was next introduced by Hall. Coming down the walk at a brisk pace he made fast for a post inscribed: "Keep off the Grass!" and so splendid was his aim that he knocked it down on his first attempt. This swerved him to the left and, flushed with success, shooting into an iron post at the fence. At that point Hall wandered into the crowd, knocking a man senseless. With a better start he would have scored two. The feat was loudly applauded (continued on Saturday).

100 years ago

Nearly 100 men are employed on the state highway between McKinney and Tallac in an effort to open the road before the snow flies. With the completion, autos will be able to reach Tahoe City.

70 years ago

If George Meyers had arrived at the Reno Garage a fraction of a minute earlier he might have "contributed" his cash and valuables to a caller at the place. Meyers, going to his car after playing with a Reno orchestra for a dance, observed a running man and a pale, badly frightened attendant who stood with a gun to his ribs in a holdup.

50 years ago

The Minden Extension Office reminds pine nut collectors to store nuts in a cool dry place. Nuts require dry air. Store them in cloth bags and stack bags in rows with air spaces. Gatherers report a good crop of pinion pine nuts this year.

20 years ago

Carson Junior High played Eagle Valley Tuesday for the seventh grade Tah-Neva League Championship. Scorers were Valerie Davis, Kallan Daley, Molly Graber, Kelli Paloolian, Jana Shellin and Jessica Springer.

* Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.

10 years ago

Smithsonian officials visited Carson City to offer a free program to 25,000 teachers in the state using George Washington as a role model.


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