Governor's Mansion offers books, candy

When Halloween spirits frolic in the shadows, children costumed as ghouls, goblins, cats, frogs and princesses will be trick-or-treating at one of Carson City's finest homes.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and first lady Kathleen Sandoval will hand out candy at the Governor's Mansion 5-8 p.m. Wednesday. They'll be accompanied by Irish dancers, clowns cycling through the crowd, a magician, juggler, a musician and even crash-test dummies to engage and entertain the Halloween crowd.

Zombo, of late-night local television fame, along with Miss Transylvania, will be among the entertainment. The entire front grounds of the mansion will be open.

The candy was donated by Carson City businesses, said Kristen Dillard, the mansion's executive coordinator.

Besides candy, toothbrushes will be available for the cavity-conscious. And trick-or-treaters eager to read can pick up a book donated by Grassroots Books in Reno. The age range for the books goes up to young elementary, she said.

"The books are off to the side, the kids go up and choose one," Dillard said.

Nearly 2,000 books will be brought down to the mansion, Grassroots Books Team Member Bryce Nance said.

"We know that books are important for kids to learn basic skills and enjoy their education," he said.

One of the governor's mansion staff made the first overtures to the used book store about bringing in books for the kids, and Grassroots Books "jumped right on in there," Dillard said.



• Always escort your children, carry a flashlight and be familiar with the neighborhood where your children will be trick-or-treating.

• Set a specific time for your children to be out.

• Always know who is trick-or-treating with your children.

• Walk on the sidewalks, not in the middle of the street, and stay in well-lit areas.

• Instruct your children never to enter any homes.

• Inspect all treats before allowing children to eat them.

• Choose fireproof, comfortable costumes made of light-colored material for your children so they can be easily seen in the dark, and consider placing reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape on the costumes.

• Avoid letting children wear eye makeup or masks which restrict their vision and avoid allowing children to carry replica firearms, swords or other weapon-like toys that could be mistaken for the real thing.

• Teach children their home and/or parent's cell phone number in case they get lost.


• Do not trick-or-treat by yourself.

• Do not take short cuts, especially through alleys.

• Walk in the direction facing traffic.

• Obey all traffic signals and look in all directions when crossing the street.

• Don't run. Walk to your intended destination and don't dart in and out of cars or driveways. If there are no sidewalks, stay as far from the roadway as possible.

• Only trick-or-treat at homes with their porch light on. Never approach a car to accept candy.


• Turn on your porch light so children know it is all right to visit your home.

• Never invite children into your home.

• Keep pets away from children.

• Maintain clear walkways and keep any lit candles away from the path of children.

• Immediately notify law enforcement of any suspicious activity by 775-887-2008.


• Drive slowly and cautiously and look for children walking on the street, running, and darting in between parked vehicles.

• Be extra careful when entering and exiting driveways.

• Do not use your cell phone while driving because it will cause a distraction .

• Play music at a reasonable volume so you can listen for children possibly crossing your path.

• Never drink and drive.

The Carson City Sheriffs Office will have extra deputies patrolling the streets and walking neighborhoods to help keep this event a safe one for our community.


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