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City can't afford CC1

I would like to address my letter to the grannies for CC1.

There are wants and need in this community. In this economic state, we should concentrate on our needs. We are sitting on the most over-populated high school in Northern Nevada (2,500 plus students). Our animal shelter was built in the early 1960s when our population was just about 5,000 people.

Those are two examples of needs in this community. I would not have any problem paying more taxes and creating a $40 million debt for these needs. With that said, I am not going to shame, guilt, or mislead the grannies into agreeing with me.

So how dare they call me negative, negative, negative for not kowtowing to their political agenda. It's called practical, practical, practical.

Paid for by a soccer mom that is looking out for all grandchildren and critters in this community.

Sunni Enciso Heinrichs

Carson City

Romney would bring back failed policies

Guy Farmer is disappointed in his choice four years ago. So am I, but for different reasons.

He now supports a return to the policies of "W" as all of Romney's advisers, foreign and domestic, are "W" re-runs. Not a real positive sign.

Let me just present some facts regarding Democratic vs. Republican governance to add some perspective. Personal income grew six times more under Democrats than Republicans; gross domestic product grew seven times more under Democrats than Republicans; corporate profits were 16 percent more under Democrats, minus 4.53 percent under Republicans; average compound returns on the stock market were 18 times greater under Democrats than Republicans; $100,000 invested over 40 years of Republican control yielded $126,000, $100,000 invested over 40 years of Democrat control yielded $3.9 million and Republicans added 2.5 times as much debt as Democrats. Source: Forbes Magazine, not exactly your average liberal source.

So my question is: Why would anyone, especially someone as learned and worldly as Mr. Farmer, choose to support a Republican and the return to the failed policies of the last administration in the face of such demonstrable evidence that Republican control is so negative for the country?

I have no illusions about Obama, I strongly disagree with his policies regarding drone warfare, assassinations, secrecy, national security and domestic surveillance, etc., and none of that would change with Romney. But economically and particularly considering the Supreme Court of the United States, I have to support the Democrats.

Vince Coyle

Carson City

Vote for those who put country first

The Tea Party Republicans claim Obama has not repaired the Bush and Republican mistakes fast enough. Pelosi passed several job bills out of the House. McConnell filibustered and stopped those job bills.

In 2010, the Tea Party Republicans ran on jobs, jobs, and, oh yes, hate Obama. Please note, not one job bill was offered by Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans. Further, they killed all of Obama's job bills.

McConnell and Boehner proclaimed we must stop Obama from doing his job, just what you want from real American leadership. So be it, if 50 million Americans suffer. Their nay-saying has hurt our economy ad made things harder for the rest of us. Can you justify what they are doing? The Tea Party Republicans have the brass to ask us to vote for them and their hurtful policies.

Before you vote, think about what Bush did to us and what Romney and Ryan have in store for us. Ask yourself how you stand on outsourcing American jobs? More tax cuts for the very rich? You can see all the jobs that were created in 12 years. Do you care about our social safety net? Does our infrastructure need repair and would that work create jobs? Romney, Heller and Amodei support the Ryan budget and Norquist anti-tax pledge. Was this action taken for our benefit or the Tea Party?

Let's return to the Clinton prosperity. Vote for Obama, the Democrats and any Republicans that put our country first.

Frank Johnston

Carson City

Support GOP ideals

No faith, ideology, religion or political affiliation is worth supporting if one will not allow it to stand the scrutiny of logic, truth and reasoning. So, choose carefully, for ignorance is not so bliss as it may appear.

Because of so many sound reasons where the Republican Party complements our Christian faith, my wife and I have chosen to be Republicans and not Democrats. Republican ideals stand the test of time, Biblical morality and common man (or woman) common sense logic. Our experience tells us that a Republican is more inclined to argue on truth, facts and logic, and is open-minded. Democrats, on the other hand, seemingly allow emotions and tradition to dictate their ideology and political bent, including what they believe the government's role is verses the church's or the individual's.

Did Jesus Christ ever admonish Caesar - that is, the government institutions of His time - to be the "safety net," source of charity, and wealth-distribution hub for the downtrodden in life? No. Rather, he charged the individual and the church with such responsibilities, not a government bureaucracy in first-century Rome, or in our case, 21st century Washington, D.C.

Rick J. Radecki


Questions about CC1

Why is a new library necessary? A majority of the children can access necessary materials they need for learning from the Internet. The necessity of a library, as we knew in our childhood, no longer exists.

As we have all heard, the Carson Nugget is being sold to the present management team. Does that management team include Steve Neighbors? If this transaction takes place, does that nullify the Mae Adams nonprofit status? If so, why would the taxpayers be asked for money to benefit a profit company that will own/run the new KDC? Will our neighbor Steve remain a contributing resident in Carson City?

According to articles and opinions published in this newspaper, the new KDC includes an auditorium, arts and cultural area, etc. Are the existing ones in this community (i.e. the Brewery Arts Center and the Community Center) going to close, or are the tax payers expected to support both?

If the Business Resource Center and Incubation Center are free to the public, who is paying for it, i.e. employee salaries, vacations, etc.? How many employees would be required to run this center? Would they be city employees or private sector? How many "real" new jobs will be created?

Why can't the Adams trust support year-round indoor activities for the kids, such as an indoor trampoline park, climbing wall, skating rinks, etc.?

Support for our future is more important than an outdated library concept and conference rooms.

Julie Klein

Carson City

President Obama reminds writer of Hitler

Listening to Barack Obama with his propaganda and lies brings to mind Adolf Hitler and his promises to the people of Germany.

Watching the History Channel, we see what happened to Germany and the people who gave him this power. You also see the Germany people idolize him when he spoke, looks so much like the liberals when Obama speaks. Hitler eliminated the undesirables and we also have full term abortions.

Please study and listen before you vote.

Carol Koons

Carson City

Lyon County needs to retain Chuck Roberts

I strongly urge Lyon County residents to re-elect Chuck Roberts as county commissioner.

I recently attended candidate nights in Dayton and Silver City, and I saw why Chuck Roberts is clearly the most experienced and best choice in District 1.

He understands county finances and planning issues. He helped craft a budget without raising taxes. A small-business owner, he strongly supports luring new businesses to the county. Roberts also is concerned about giving a fair hearing on all issues.

Lyon voters should be aware of the weirdly aggressive and sometimes nasty campaign of Roberts' opponent, Bob Hastings. Lately, Roberts has been the target of anonymous telephone "push polls," a notoriously negative tactic. At the candidates night in Dayton, Hastings denied any knowledge of the smear operation. That leaves us to imagine that a mysterious, well-funded Hastings backer is behind the calls.

The fact that Hastings has accepted contributions totaling $10,000 from Comstock Mining Inc. raises an even more troubling question: whether citizens would get a fair hearing with Hastings on any issue. According to the Secretary of State's financial disclosure website, that $10,000 represents half of Hastings' campaign chest.

Again, Chuck Roberts deserves to be elected to a second term as Lyon County commissioner. Roberts is clearly the most fair-minded and experienced person for the job.

In addition, please vote for two other Lyon commissioners who have done a good job: Ray Fierro of Dayton and Joe Mortensen of Fernley. They also are superior candidates.

David Moore


Vote No on CC-1

Take pride in a new parking garage for the Carson Nugget? The main benefits go to the Nugget.

As a lot of people have done, I have traveled extensively throughout the world, including six continents. I never once asked anyone to see their library. I also never had anyone ask me if I wanted to see their library. Why should anyone want to see a library?

A 30-year debt is a heavy burden to saddle the next generation (or two) with. We have enough libraries in Carson City to satisfy the needs of our citizens. If we need to, we can always add onto the existing library.

A great-grandfather urges a no vote on CC-1.

John Wagner

Carson City

Reid is wrong

about Romney

Who are you, Sen. Reid, to say, "Romney is not a good Mormon?"

The Mormon church doesn't teach backbiting. They teach we are all brothers and sisters in the faith and in God. You should remember Romney is your brother, by church standard. Look in the mirror and take the plank out of your eye before you try to take the stick out of Romney's eye. Maybe that's a part of scripture you have forgotten.

You said he "paid no taxes." Wrong. As a good Mormon he did, and also gave more to his church and charity than I bet you did. As a good Mormon, you should have tried to set the example for all senators, Democrats and Republicans. Instead, you choose not to.

Being a good Mormon isn't something you do only on Sundays or while in church. I suggest you go to your church and apologize, to not only the bishop but to the congregation for setting a bad example of a Mormon. Watching and listening to you, I ask who would want to be a Mormon?

When you stood in front of a Cheshire cat grinning Biden, you referred to Romney as a bad used car salesman. You insulted not only Romney and used car salesmen, but also the middle class, since they are middle class folks, working hard to take care of their families in this economy, which your leader also helped to create.

Check your eye, Sen. Reid, the plank is there.

Faye Semmens

Carson City

Thomas needs to retire

The time has come for Bob Thomas to retire his quill pen and inkwell.

How long do we have to endure his distortion of history and facts? In his latest rambling, which as always ranged far and wide, we learned that: There's a commie or a socialist lurking in every doorway (Joe McCarthy apparently is alive and well); only World War II pulled Franklin D. Roosevelt's posterior from the fire; Nixon was better qualified than John Kennedy (remember how that worked out in the late '60s and early '70s?); President Obama is a "hoax" (please, not the birth certificate issue again!) and, "were he not half black, he would never have been elected." Are you sure about that, Bob? That means he's half white too. How's that work again?

He loves to talk about himself while supposedly discussing another subject entirely. His column this summer about Chris Schaller, a great man and commentator, was especially annoying. I know Chris' name was in the headline, but most of the column was about guess who.

Spirited discussions and debate should always be encouraged and commentators who foster and lend insight to that debate should be welcome. The First Amendment certainly protects one's basic right to self-promotion and opinions based on prejudice, distortions and a misreading of history to suit one's own agenda. The question becomes whether or not the proper place for that is in a presumably "fair and balanced" format like the Nevada Appeal.

Terry Knight

Carson City


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