Man faces multiple charges after taking on seven deputies

One man proved to be a match for at least seven deputies armed with nonlethal weapons.

According to Carson City Sheriff's Office, two deputies first made contact with Tyrone Michael Tyson, 35, at 5:26 p.m. Friday about 100 feet on Roop Street from the intersection with Long Street.

After a deputy shot a Taser into Tyson's back, he fell to the ground and then "bounced back up to his feet," according to the arrest report.

While the stun gun continued to run electricity through Tyson's body, he continued to fight with deputies.

"The Taser did not seem to have any effect on him," according to the report.

The first two officers called for backup, and another two deputies arrived on scene to assist with the arrest, Sheriff Ken Furlong said.

Those four officers called for more backup.

"It started with two, turned into four and the four couldn't subdue him, and they called for help," Furlong said.

The man, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds, did a push up while two deputies were on his back trying to control his arms to handcuff him, according to the report.

"I could hear Tyrone laughing at us . . . He was fighting like he was feeling nothing," according to the report.

Tyson was able to get up again, swinging and kicking at the deputies. One of the deputies tackled Tyson to the ground, and the remainder of the deputies piled on top. Tyson was able to fight off the pile of four deputies and get back to his feet, laughing all the while, according to the report.

The deputy writing the report fired his Taser at Tyson's stomach.

"Tyrone pulled the probes and took a fighting stance," according to the report.

Two deputies pulled him back to the ground, while another called for even more backup.

"We tried everything in our use of force spectrum to stop the threat," according to the report.

Deputies rolled Tyson onto his stomach, and one deputy had been applying the stun gun against Tyson's neck.

"I believe that if he was not continually being tasered he would have continued to fight," according to the report. "Tyrone showed abnormal strength and no amount of force affected him at times during this five-minute fight ... I have been a deputy with Carson City for approximately seven years. I have never been in a fight this violent where all less lethal weapons were not effective."

Tyson was subdued with sedatives, although he continued to attempt to fight and transported to the hospital before being taken to jail, Furlong said.

"It was the most amazing display of strength or resistance to pain I have ever seen," he said.

Deputies used every less-than-lethal tool in their belts except for a K9 unit.

"Instead we chose hands-on," Furlong said. "The reaction was, this is what PCP must be like," he said.

Tyson was arrested on two charges of battery on a police officer, assault on a police officer, obstructing and resisting with violence, disorderly conduct and drunk pedestrian. His bail was set at $8,211.

One deputy was treated for a swollen and potentially broken hand, but X-rays proved the hand was not broken, and he returned to duty.


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