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GOP state convention had uneasy feeling

I had that old feeling at the Nevada GOP state convention. It was the same feeling I had in Germany when the Baader-Meinhof gang announced they wanted to kill a few GI's. It was the same feeling I had in the Philippines when Marcos was losing power. It was not fear. It was high awareness.

I like politics. It is my chance to study people. I like to bring up issues and philosophies so I can listen and observe.

There was tension at John Ascuaga's Nugget. Some people I normally meet and greet were absent. People were forming cliques earlier. Something was happening that was not pleasant to observe.

The signs were more visible when the meeting was called to order. Guests were co-mingling with delegates and trying to vote. There was doubt about the delegates' right to vote. Clowns were standing on chairs, holding balloons, signaling votes. The crowd was becoming rough.

The chairman gave the signal. One delegate spoke to cite the bylaws requiring the chair have everyone sit down and be orderly. That delegate was told he was "out of order." Another delegate asked that the qualification of delegates be examined. He was told there was no way to check. A man said that "guests" were harassing him and threatening him. The chair told security and the sergeant at arms to evict the man if he complained about safety. I remembered the actions of Mayor Richard Daley at the Chicago Democratic convention in the late 1960s. I fled.

Frank Z. Paluch

Carson City

Candidates need to focus on solutions to problems

To all political candidates:

We, the voters, are not children, so stop treating us like we are. If you want my vote, stop running down your opponents and start telling us what you will do to make our state (or country) better. Much of what many of you put out there is either lies or half- truths.

I will base my vote on only who I believe will make the wisest decisions once elected. You are wasting my time, your time and money by spending your dollars on this nonsense. Not only that, but it seems to me that partial truths (when making your attacks) should be considered slander. Get back on track, stop all the unnecessary spending. Government doesn't need to solve all our issues. Many things should be left to each of us as individuals.

Every year your tactics get worse than the year before. Stop it already.

Alice Kelch

Carson City

Smart meters are nothing more than surveillance

I was disappointed with the NV Energy official's attempt to quell the fears of 13,000 customers who chose to opt out of the new smart meter program, referring to some as "customers who believe the move is part of a larger conspiracy" or seniors on fixed income worried about increases in cost.

The information gathered from smart meters does not support the "spy and sci-fi theory." However, data showing increased usage at specific times can indicate when residents are home, or when no one is home. This information collected over long periods of time can establish patterns and routines of residents, and can be construed as a form of surveillance. If information gathered is solely consumption - it is all well and good for proper billing.

Perhaps NV Energy needs to more specifically address the long-term data collection and use process, as well as the extent of cost increases for seniors.

Questions raised in other areas had to do with the ability of the utility company to regulate energy flow to the customer "to provide the most efficient and cost effective delivery of service." The service would not be disrupted, possibly reduced with no difference experienced by the customer to help prevent overloads during peak hours.

Sharon Espinosa

Carson City

U.S. can't afford Obama

Why is the media so biased? I always thought that the media was supposed to be fair and report honestly. The Reno paper this morning had pages and pages about President Obama's visit. Why all of a sudden this interest in Nevada?

He has promised so much and has accomplished so little. How can we have a fair election when the media is so biased telling us one side of the story? I love our country and I worry about the future of the economy and the failure of our president to address the important issues we face. He spends more time on the golf courses and in Hollywood than he does in handling the problems of the economy, the war in Afghanistan, the immigration problem and the debt.

He spends most of the time on the campaign trail. I am sick and tired of seeing him on television and talk shows. Oh God, please spare us another 4 years of this.

Mary Peterson

Carson City

Letter was hypocritical

I was very disheartened to read a letter to the editor from Mary Santomauro on Aug. 26 regarding religion and homosexuality. I have followed most of her letters from several years ago. And to this day, she still continues to force feed the same closed, narrow minded, holier than thou views by claiming that God doesn't tolerate certain acts of behavior.

Yes, it is a fact that God makes no mistakes. However, Mary needs to be reminded that people don't choose to be homosexual; they are simply born that way. It's no different than a person being born with autism, diabetes, or even a heart defect. Therefore, it is very hypocritical for Mary to call other people out when she is no better than the rest of the world.

All people should be proud of who they are; they shouldn't have to conform to anyone else's high standards. And if Mary is too sickened by that, then perhaps she would do well to get outta dodge and take a hike.

Joshua Dealy

Carson City


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