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130 Years AgoFlowers and birds: Mrs. Wilson will be at the Adams House closing out her stock of flowers and birds. ..The air will be thick with perfume and solid with the campaign melodies of the canaries — prima donnas of the first class.120 Years AgoDangers of cigarette smoking: Bob Horton who resides in Empire engaged to referee a dog fight and when Bob attempted to separate them, he was bitten. Remedies suggested were mashed potatoes saturated with turpentine, and bandages ... Pain was lessened and in a few minutes Bob felt able to smoke a cigarette which he held in the tips of his bandaged finger. When the match was applied, the turpentine caught fire and some very suggestive howling was going on. He has now sworn never to smoke another cigarette — or interfere in a dog fight.70 Years AgoOrmsby men join the Navy: Earl Truman Laird of Stewart and James Arthur Wright of Carson City will be sworn into service. Laird has directed bands at Stewart and the Carson Indian School and Wright has qualified as an apprentice seaman.50 Years AgoV & T: The first step in rebuilding of the train was granted today by William J. Hart, director of the Nevada Park Commission, who said that the train would be returned to the Carson City Chamber of Commerce and will be moved to the Mills Park area ... Mills Park has been chosen by the Nevada Heritage Association as the Carson City terminus of the proposed Carson City to Virginia City 21 mile line.30 Years AgoGold is $500 due to fear of worldwide economic crisis. 10 Years AgoThe Laxalt Building Chimes will sound off for Sept. 11. Bill and Dottie Kelley (founders of the chimes) said the Governor had ordered the building's chimes to go off at 5:45 am on Wednesday — to ring for three minutes to mark the time when the first aircraft struck the World Trade Center...• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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