Business licenses

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City in the month of August.• Acme Texture Source LLC, out of town business, Sparks, Acme Texture Source LLC, owner, 775-351-2263.• ADT LLC of Delaware, out of town business, Reno, ADT LLC of Delaware, owner, 775-353-7260.• Advanced Roofing Inc., out of town business, Silver Springs, Advanced Roofing Inc., owner, 775-629-9293.• Affordable Septic, out of town business, Stagecoach, Randy Johnston, owner, 775-629-9190.• Ali Cooper Child Care, 120 Manzanita Terrace, general business, Ali Cooper, owner, 775-461-3227.• All Heating & Air LLC, out of town business, Reno, All Heating & Air LLC, owner, 775-826-7730.• A.W. Bunt Appraisal Co., 751 Basque Way, general business, Albert W. Bunt, owner, 775-841-3322.• Autozone #4132, 3460 S. Carson St., general business, Autozone Operations Inc., owner, 901-495-8813.• Bounce N Play LLC, 3267 Research Way, general business, Bounce N Play LLC, owner, 775-887-1400.• Business Filings Incorporated, 311 S. Division St., general business, Business Filings Incorporated, owner, 775-888-4070.• Central Credit Services Inc., out of town business, Jacksonville, Fla., Central Credit Services Inc., owner, 904-724-1800.• Charles Abbott Assoc. Inc., out of town business, Mission Viejo, California, Charles Abbott Assoc. In., owner, 949-367-2850.• Cigarettes For Less, 2182 E. William St., general business RN Salhotra Inc., owner, 530-301-3005.• Concrete Equipment Zone, 885 Kennedy Drive, online business, Bryan Stamper, owner, 775-841-2778.• Crossroads Lounge, 300 E. Winnie Lane, general business, B&C Crossroads LLC, owner, 775-230-5572.• CT Corporation System, 311 S. Division St., general business, CT Corporation System, owner, 775-888-4070.• Days Inn Carson City, 3103 N. Carson St., general business, Oceanic Gardnerville LLC, owner, 619-549-7777.• Eames Hardwood, out of town business, Logan, Utah, E.B. Eames Co. Inc. owner, 435-752-0449.• Farmers Insurance Agency, 204 E. Washington St., general business, Dean Reynolds, owner, 775-684-9695.• Foodie’s Bystro, 449 W. King St., general business, Martinez Investments LLC, owner, 775-721-9577.• Genesis, out of town business, Gardnerville, Gabriel Martinez, owner, 775-721-5404.• Holland Waterproofing Inc., out of town business, Sparks, Holand Waterproofing Inc., owner, 775-827-4744.• Horses N Stuff, 1159 Jacobs Way, general business, Nancy Salaices, owner, 775-230-0407.• Hansen Marketing Communication, 720 Silver Oak Drive, general business, Barbara Diane Hansen, owner, 775-391-5015.• High Desert Surface Prep LLC, out of town business, Reno, High Desert Surface Prep LLC, owner, 775-813-7941.• I’d Eat There, out of town business, Minden, Chad Cliffe, owner, 775-315-1987.• In and Out Janitorial & Landscaping, out of town business, Silver City, Erick Rodriguez, owner, 775-997-6923.• Kim Cunningham Pet Sitting, 2530 Oak Ridge Drive, general business, Kim Cunningham, owner, 925-550-1071.• Mean Jeans Body Shop, 319 N. Carson St., general business, JJW Enterprises LLC, owner, 775-781-1855.• Mike Smith Plumbing, out of town business, Reno, Mike Smith, owner, 775-443-7998.• Mo & Sluggo’s Bar & Grill, 110 W. Telegraph St., general business, Highball LLC, owner, 775-883-0700.• Muscle Power Products Inc., 204 W. Spear St., general business, Muscle Power Products Inc., owner, 775-886-0726.• Net Profit Bookkeeping Inc., 3123 Research Way suite 215, general business, Net Profit Bookkeeping Inc., owner, 775-530-7982.• NWI Lab 360, 311 W. Washington St., general business, Northwire Inc., owner, 775-410-4575.• Obexer’s Boat Co., 2025 Kansas St., general business, Obexer’s Boat Co., owner, 530-525-7962.• Pacific Sun Tanning Co. LLC, 3305 Market St. suite #106, general business, Pacific Sun Tanning Co. LLC, owner, 775-331-8422.• Personalized Taxes & Accounting, 2811 Bel Aire Way, general business, Diane E. Ferguson, owner, 907-617-5357.• Picture NV LLC, 1326, 1328 N. Edmonds Drive #30, 32, general business, Picture NV LLC, owner, 775-200-1418.• Porada Services, 4008 Hells Bells Road, general business, Thomas Porada, owner, 508-380-5459.• Precision Racecraft Development, 5225 Grumman Drive suite #124, general business, Precision Racecraft Development, owner, 775-720-9318.• Professional Home Developers, out of town business, Reno, Professional Home Developers, owner, 775-843-2802.• Roof Crafters Inc., out of town business, Reno, Roof Crafters Inc., owner, 775-831-4188.• S&P Auto Warehouse LLC, 501 S. Carson St. suite #203, general business, S&P Auto Warehouse LLC, owner, 775-291-6791.• Scope Services Inc., out of town business, St. Joseph, Montana, Scope Services Inc., owner, 269-982-2888.•, 4223 Mina Way, online business, John D. Baldari, owner, 775-884-8553.• Sierra Winds Products Leisure, out of town business, Reno, Sierra Winds Products Leisure, owner, 775-348-6113.• Silver City Auto Body & Glass, 2077 S. Lompa Lane, general business, Silver City Auto Body & Glass, owner, 775-882-7700.• Silver State Trivia LLC, out of town business, Washoe Valley, Silver State Trivia LLC, owner, 775-842-5018.• Spring Communications Nevada, 3405 Market St., suite #104, general business, Spring Communications Nevada, owner, 775-737-7373.• Steve & Sons Mobile Repair, 850 E. Overland St., general business, Steve Mandoki, owner, 775-887-8930.• Steve’s Trees & Firewood, 2001 Lone Mountain Drive, general business, Stephen Grant Morse, owner, 775-883-5249.• Tempe Limited LLC, 850 E. William St., general business, Tempe Limited LLC, owner, 775-882-3003.• The Silk Road Healing Sciences, 407 W. Robinson St., general business, Christopher Bower, owner, 775-450-7124.• Trains, 1958 E. William St., general business, Tahoe Electronics LLC, owner, 775-782-7327.• Vitaperks, 204 W. Spear St., general business, Nutricellula Corp., owner, 775-886-0887.• Well Being, 1049 Westcreek Lane, general business, Paula Alina, owner, 530-414-0788.• Zabel, Deanna, 406 Sandalwood Drive, general business, Deanna Zabel, owner, 775-721-7915.


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