Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 10

Girl who caused crash doesn’t deserve award

I cannot believe that the Red Cross gave an award to the girl that caused her own accident. It was running a red light and speeding if I recall. She is off to a bad start in her driving.

I could not believe Sparks named a street after that Highway patrolman that caused her own death. It is politically correct to give trophies to kids that lose so I guess this is just our world now to give things to people who don’t deserve it.

Rob Cobb

Carson City

Drivers need warning at Carson’s crosswalks

My wife and I moved to Carson City recently from out-of-state. The first couple of times we went through town we were surprised to see people just walking across Highway 395 from the north end of downtown to the south end.

We didn’t realize at that time that there is a mandatory stop at all the crosswalks through town. The first time we noticed this was when we had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of us, while a kid on a bicycle crossed at Fifth Street. A few days later we almost hit a homeless person walking across at night near the State Capitol. I noticed the other day there is one sign showing an image of a person walking on both sides of the road. Now that we know how dangerous this area is, we take the bypass.

In my opinion, there needs to be some flashing lights down there to warn people to stop for pedestrians that states: “All traffic must stop for pedestrians.” Let’s not wait until some out-of-towner runs over somebody.

Dr. John A. Knappenberger

Carson City


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