Carson City man sentenced for stealing 3 cars in February

A Carson City man will spend two to five years in jail after he was sentenced Monday morning in district court, following the theft of three cars left running on a cold February morning.

Lenox LaCour, 28, was arrested Feb. 5 after he crashed the third car he had stolen into the side of a minivan at Douglas Drive and Airport Road.

Judge James Wilson sentenced him for attempting to elude a police officer while endangering people or property.

The Division of Parole and Probation had suggested the sentence. LaCour’s defense attorney, Noel Waters, told the judge his client suffered from addiction and that he didn’t know what was happening until airbags deployed during the crash.

“Up to then, he was largely a passenger in his own mind,” Waters said.

Waters asked the judge for 18 months to four years.

Deputy District Attorney Nathan MacLellan told the judge LaCour had been offered drug court and treatment programs but chose not to participate.

“I know I caused a lot of damage in my past life, but everything is caused by drugs and alcohol,” LaCour told the judge.

The car LaCour was driving had been stolen, parked, and stolen a second time before he crashed it.

LaCour was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, eluding with endangerment, hit and run property damage, reckless driving wanton disregard, and DUI.


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