Letters to the Editor for Friday, April 19

Blame-the-liberals crowd is hypocritical

Sure Bill, blame the Liberals and the Progressives for they are the infidels. How about a theocracy? Let’s dump the First Amendment, surely Jesus will get wind of that and then we can all get ready for the rapture. But wait, which of the over 1,000 denominations do you wish to anoint as the state church?

Shall we all become Jehovah’s Witnesses? We can’t have that, they don’t celebrate that pagan-inspired holiday called Christmas. How about Seventh Day Adventists? But they don’t believe that the soul separates from the body after death; it is held in some sort of limbo until Christ returns. And if he does, what will we do with all those walking corpses? No, count me out. I don’t carry, so I’m not up for that whole zombie apocalypse thing.

How about Unitarians? Nope, Darwin was a Unitarian. Let’s go with some of that good ol’ Southern Baptist hellfire and brimstone. We’ll have revivals down by the Carson River in tents, and then after y’all are baptized we can chug Jack Daniel’s and get ripped (Proverbs 31:7).

It gets better. We can stone people for working on the Sabbath (Numbers 15:32-36). That’ll be a hoot. Still not having fun? Let’s go rape and pillage (Judges 5:30, Deuteronomy 21:10-14). Is work getting you down? No problem, just get ya some slaves (Leviticus 25:45).

Count me out Bill, but enjoy the noise in your head, I’m stuck with my boring secular humanism and third millennium evolved morality. It will just have to do.

Al Adrian

Carson City

Carson pedestrians often aren’t careful

This is in reply to an editorial written by Edward G. Jackson. I grew up in the suburbs of New York City, and we did not have designated crosswalks in the middle of our main streets, only at traffic lights. But we did have jaywalking laws.

The problem I have encountered with pedestrians here is that they do not look and make sure all cars have stopped. Some just walk into the crosswalk. On the side streets they do not look both ways before crossing the street. Pedestrians may have the right of way here, but they need to realize a vehicle cannot stop on a dime for them. If we could, then why did the police put a cone 187 feet back from a crosswalk when they did a sting a while back?

Barbara Phelan

Carson City


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