Fischer, GROW get kudos for freeway art drive



Mary Fischer and GROW received kudos in a Friday ceremony, with Pony Express freeway art serving as a backdrop near the 3700 block of Northgate Lane in Carson City.

The praise came at a ceremony to celebrate art along the freeway bypass that Fischer and GROW conceived, cajoled government officials to back, and shepherded over years of stewardship into reality while work on the freeway progressed.

Fischer also received a small statue replica of the American eagle art next to the freeway on Carson City’s north side, as well as a picture of an outdoor bench and plaque to commemorate her contributions through GROW (Gardeners Reclaiming our Waysides).

Fischer turned the spotlight on others as she spoke to the crowd of about 75 at the outdoor ceremony. She lauded her fellow GROW members and every level of government, but saved her largest laudatory comments for Carson City’s Regional Transportation Commission.

“I really couldn’t believe how much support we got from RTC,” she said, crediting former Carson City Supervisor Shelly Aldean as chairwoman of RTC back when the push for art along the freeway slowly moved from seed to flowering status. Aldean was by her side Friday, having just presented the eagle statue.

“That whole committee was very supportive,” Fischer added.

Supportive was one word repeated; another was pride. Aldean used it, as did Supervisor Karen Abowd and Mayor Robert Crowell.

Carson City Parks and Recreation Department Director Roger Moellendorf served as master of ceremonies, introducing the city, state and federal dignitaries present and tossing out a bit of credit himself. He told the crowd that Parks Planner Vern Krahn deserved thanks for putting together the afternoon event.

After the ceremony, some participants also took a walking tour on the trail alongside the freeway to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.


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