Letters to the Editor for April 20, 2013

Ads the smart way to get people downtown

Here are my thoughts on the downtown parking campaign. During the city’s meeting on the issue at the High Sierra Brewery earlier this year, a downtown business owner suggested that increased advertising of downtown businesses would be a better solution. I totally agree. Advertising signs are cheaper than highway alterations and are more easily modified. Maybe more posts for downtown banners? This year there were many more requests for banner spaces than there were weeks in the year.

I drove downtown this morning and tried to imagine the width of a car at the curb, the driver’s car door open and another foot or two for the driver to close the car door. There didn’t seem to be a measure of safety left for a passing motorist, much less a wide truck. My biggest concern is that with the fence removed, the forcing of pedestrians to the crosswalks would vanish. You can expect pedestrians then to emerge from between parked cars. All over town I see pedestrians acting as if the laws will somehow protect them while encountering a vehicle. I frequently see pedestrians deliberately walking behind cars that are backing up. Two days ago I watched two young boys cross Highway 50 at Saliman Road against the light while traffic fortunately stopped for them.

I intend to use alternate North-South thoroughfares, some of which the city created some years ago to keep traffic off of Carson Street in the downtown area.

Don Gurney

Carson City

Point of programs was to put people to work

There were columns a few weeks ago by Bob Thomas talking about welfare reform and the old government work programs like the WPA and CCC. He was not impressed. I have to agree that the programs were not very efficient or cost effective. I agree with that, but I don’t believe that was the real point.

I believe the point of programs like that and the old Job Corps were to require people to actually work to get their government assistance rather than just let them collect a check for nothing. People need to work and keep busy to maintain any self respect or pride. Working also keeps them off the streets and gives those prone to mischief less time to do bad things. Paying people to do nothing creates a garden full of weeds not doing anybody any good.

I consider myself to be conservative, believing in less taxes, less regulation and smaller government where possible. I believe there should be both marriages and civil unions. I believe the school system in this country is failing for two very distinct reasons. I believe all children in kindergarten through 6 should be offered a free meal at school. I could go on but I won’t.

My point is that the solution is not always obvious or easy. It is much easier to follow than it is to lead. Have an opinion and share it. The country wasn’t built on silence.

Walter Owens

Carson City


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