Four charged in slaying of Nevada’s chief insurance examiner death penalty attorneys

William McCune

William McCune

The four defendants charged with the murder of William McCune were all assigned death penalty certified attorneys Thursday afternoon and the case was set for a preliminary hearing.

Makyla Blackmore, 20, Anthony Elliot, 20, Raul Garcia, 22, and Michael Evans, 23, are all charged with open murder against a person 60 or older and burglary in the slaying of the 62-year-old McCune, Nevada’s chief insurance examiner.

Because the prosecution has maintained its option to pursue the death penalty, each defendant is guaranteed a death penalty certified attorney. Carson City District Attorney Neil Rombardo said his office has not yet decided if it will seek the death penalty. Rombardo has up to 45 days to decide after a criminal complaint is filed in district court. The decision could come as late as August.

The preliminary hearing was set for four days, from July 9 until July 12, starting at 9 a.m.

“Keep your calendars locked tight,” Justice of the Peace John Tatro told attorneys.

State Public Defender Diane Crow, attorneys Marc Picker, Ben Walker and Noel Waters and death penalty certified attorneys Kay Ellen Armstrong, Richard Davies and John Springgate will represent the defendants.

According to court documents, Elliot, Garcia and Evans, allegedly beat McCune to death in his apartment on April 2, while Blackmore waited outside after driving the three men to McCune’s apartment.

The plan unfolded in a motel room where Blackmore, Elliot and Garcia talked to Evans about robbing McCune, documents allege. Blackmore then drove the other three to Walmart, where Evans purchased Duct tape. Evans told detectives he was told to knock on McCune’s door at the Dolphin Bay Apartments and ask to use the restroom. McCune then offered him a drink and the pair were drinking together when Elliot and Garcia entered the apartment.

The three then beat McCune, according to court documents and tried to obtain his personal identification number for his debit cards.

They allegedly loaded up McCune’s truck with his belongings and left the apartment.

The men said they knew McCune was dead when they left, documents allege.

The next day, in an attempt to clean up the bloody evidence, the group returned to the apartment they told investigators.

Evans told investigators they dumped McCune’s body in the Carson River. It was found, wrapped in a blanket, on April 6.

Blackmore, Elliot and Garcia were arrested in Las Vegas on April 6. Evans was arrested on the same day in Carson City.


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