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On March 30, late afternoon, there was a high-speed chase north on Highway 95 towards our town of Fallon.

There was NHP plus the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office en route south. I had a scanner and expected to hear of an accident when it occurred to me it was about intercepting the high-speed vehicle.

I listened as the officers set out spikes and set up patrol at different locations.

What happened with the spike setup? This vehicle was able to get past. What were all the officers in the area doing? Why didn’t someone disable the vehicle in any way possible?

Something similar happened a few years ago that ended in two dead.

Something should be discussed in ways that make sense so something like this is stopped. They need to set up, outside of city limits, barriers with no way around it, to stop or disable before being able to enter the school zone, plus our residential areas.

After the many patrolmen on this situation, why was no one was able to shoot out the tires or take more drastic measures? This is a question I am having a problem with.

What about some type of warning system similar to our town fire system to help people to be aware for emergency traffic?

I was able to have a conversation with our sheriff, Ben Trotter and during my thoughts with him, he stated that he felt one of the big problems with being able to set up better for the high-speed chase was that the call for help came too late to really have time to prepare for something other than a traffic stop. Sheriff Trotter stated that if anyone needs to discuss this issue please feel free to call him. He would be glad to talk with you.

Betty Gilbert, Fallon




Concerning the gun control debate and the Second Amendment, this is my perspective.

It is self-evident that hunting for food is a natural right. Defense of ones person, the family, home, and one’s property is an age old right. Do not forget, even Christ’s disciples traveled armed, especially Peter. However, as evident by the Second Amendment, the people are the militia. It was the intent of our founding fathers that those people be armed and with arms in common use.

The Wick Act of 1902 and the National Defense Act of 1916 have also clarified such.

Anyone please correct me if I am wrong with facts not rhetoric.

Dallas Foster, Fallon


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