Country Fair: Job well done

The sixth annual Churchill Country Fair blazed into the history book after its successful; run last weekend.

Many communities throughout the state have beefed up their county events since Nevada disbanded the state fair concept several years ago.

By far, the 2013 Churchill Country Fair was the best yet, and organizers relied on an army of volunteers and a wealth of notes from previous fairs to improve this event. The fair had a variety of exhibits and activities for people of all ages, and the exhibits in both the Dry Gulch and multipurpose building represented the talents of our residents.

This year’s committee focused on the true meaning of an old-fashioned fair and how it showcases the best the community has to offer. By tapping into Fallon’s roots as both a farming and ranchig community, exhibits touted the area’s strong heritage as a major agriculture producer in Nevada, and the Fallon Ranch Rodeo gave spectators an opportunity to see what cowboys and cowgirls do day after day on the family spread.

The committee work diligently to disseminate information on the Churchill Country Fair not only to our residents but also to residents in neighboring counties who love small-town, county fair events.

This year’s committee is to be commended for a job well done and for making this year’s fair one to remember. With many groups pitching in, this was truly a combined community effort for the sixth annual Churchill Country Fair and Ranch Rodeo. No doubt many people will take something home with them whether it was a certain exhibit, a Civil War event, the selection of the cutest cowboy and cowgirl or the entertainment.

The committee also added a twist that transported people to the 1860s, a time of great strife in the United States; in keeping with Nevada’s heritage as a major player during the later years of the War between the States, the Battle Born Civil Wear Re-enactors recreated some action on the Regional Park soccer field that pitted Union forces against the Confederates. Especially stirring was Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, perhaps one of the most recognizable ... and remembered speeches ever delivered by a U.S. President, which honored thousands of soldiers who fought bravely and died in one of the war’s most decisive battles.

Behind the speech was also a story of Lincoln’s health at Gettysburg when he delivered the short speech in November 1863, months after the battle occurred in early July whereas thousands were killed and injured from both sides. Judging by the crowd’s reaction to each skirmish, the Civil War re-enactors gave spectators a small, yet meaningful taste of Americana.

With another major event behind us, the annual Cantaloupe Festival, Lions Junior Rodeo and Lions Labor Day parade at the beginning of September will “unofficially” usher out the summer season as the Lahontan Valley enjoys its final hoorah before heading into the autumn months.

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