Carson City Past Pages for Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013

140 years ago

Eccentric. Captain Dick, so well known to travelers around the Lake for his good qualities as an old tar, as well for his eccentricities and untutored wit, has been pondering lately on his latter end; and in anticipation of the mortal shuffling off has prepared his epitaph and a very remarkable resting place for his bones. There is an island in Emerald Bay which is very steep. On top of this hill is a natural tomb. His epitaph is as follows:

Whether seaman or not

For one moment avant;

Poor Dick’s mizzen topsail

Is nailed to the mast.

No more to turn out,

No more to heave the lead;

He’s stopped on the center,

And cannot go ahead.

But if worm gnaw his timbers —

His vessel a wreck.

When he hears the last whistle —

He’ll jump up on deck.

130 years ago

There are more than one hundred Carsonites in San Francisco to witness the Knights of Templar festivities.

100 years ago

Last evening, Montie and Bill Harrington took out Montie’s new louse machine for a run. As Montie wasn’t used to the extreme power of this new car, which he hopes to win the insect race with, he lost control on the Garner Road. The result was the editor, and all others, ended up in the ditch. Montie promises to learn how to drive his new-fangled racer within a few days.

70 years ago

Nevada is among the 12 high-altitude states assured an ample supply of anti-freeze materials of a “permanent type” for use by motorists during the coming winter. The increased production of thylene glycol anti-freeze assures Nevada motorists in high altitude areas.

50 years ago

A border collie named “Ru” saved the life of his master, Frank Griffin and three other people early Sunday morning when the Dayton rooming house where they were sleeping caught fire. Ru’s barking at the flames woke the residents.

30 years ago

Drainage along the North Roop Street route between Graves Lane and Mark Way will be addressed with a task order to design a 25-year flood drainage system, according to Gus Nunez of SEA Engineering.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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