WNC facelift to greet Fallon students

When Western Nevada College students head to classes on Monday they will notice a fresh look inside and outside the three Fallon Campus buildings.

Landscaping, re-flooring and painting, as well as the addition of new furniture, were among the summer projects completed, according to Fallon Campus Manager Lori Tiede.

“The upgrades have refreshed the look of the college and provided students more user-friendly spaces to meet and to study,” she said. Both the art and chemistry room floors in Virgil Getto Hall were refurbished. The floors were improved and new paint “has done wonders for those rooms,” Tiede said.

The library in Virgil Getto Hall also has been brightened for the new school year. “New LED lighting in the library will greatly enhance the study areas in there,” Tiede said.

Students also will notice new carpeting in the hallways of Sage Hall.

“The floors in Sage were the original linoleum,” Tiede said. “Now, there is new carpet that really makes a difference,” she said.

On the exterior, the most noticeable summer upgrade was a new coat of blue paint applied to the pillars outside Virgil Getto Hall. In addition, the arch in front now spells out ‘Western Nevada College’ in gold lettering.

“Hopefully, this will help people navigate to the administrative offices,” Tiede said.

Landscaping has been completed outside Piñon Hall. A hilly area was leveled between Piñon and Virgil Getto halls to offer easier access. A lawn was replaced with more sustainable xeriscaping.

“The main benefits of the xeriscaping outside Piñon Hall are the reduction of water consumption and maintenance costs,” Tiede said. “Another benefit is increased safety now that Piñon can be seen from the parking lot.”

Fall registration continues at www.wnc.edu.


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