Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013

Owning a pet is a privilege

John Barrette’s column concerning the little dog that had been euthanized by Carson City Animal Services hit the mark. It is a privilege to own pets. Had this little dog been licensed, documents would have been on file with Animal Services as to the dog’s vaccinations against communicable diseases, rabies included. When I see an unlicensed dog, I immediately worry that it could be carrying disease or parasites.

A city license ensures safety, health and return to the dog’s loving home.

A couple of years ago, my lab escaped my yard during a thunder storm while I was gone. I got a call from Carson City Animal Services that he was out, they had scanned him (he was licensed and micro-chipped). Because his health and my concern for his safety was evident to the Animal Services tech who picked him up, he was back home within hours at no cost to me. I support Carson City Animal Services. The unfortunate animals who find their way there and are determined to be healthy need the public’s love and support.

Mr. Barrette’s article states this euthanasia did not happen in a vacuum. Was the poor little dog sick? How many other times had she been picked up? There is no reason why the Carson City taxpayer ought to pay for any animal’s room and board while the owner who hasn’t taken the time or effort to license the animal tries to gather the funds to bail it out of Animal Services.

Joyce Powell

Carson City

Carson must rein in spending

About 20 years ago, somebody was supposed to start an animal shelter, then I heard somebody ran off with all that money. It was a hush-hush situation. Maybe the mayor can help by making sure the funds for the new shelter are carefully monitored and not only by how much is let.

The sewer plant is broken down and wore out. Where is all the money? I hope they’re not giving it all to the library. It sounds like there should be a minimum amount going to the library. If anybody wants to know about something, go to the Internet. Sounds like there is a lot of reckless spending going on and wanting to do more.

Haven’t heard from the mayor lately. There are a lot of things that need attention. Let’s start first with taking care of the people. Money is pretty hard to come by these days. Stop the reckless spending! Maybe there maintenance program is not in place, maybe they need some help at the sewer plant. If only we could get the truth out of somebody, we would be shocked.

Rodger Rakow

Carson City


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