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The band and orchestra students at Carson High School would like to invite you to attend their annual Christmas Concert 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Carson Community Center. They will be premiering their brand new mariachi group before the concert!


HOSA would like to recognize two CHS students who saved a life! This past June, junior Tyus Muckenstrum witnessed a man being pulled out of a truck at a gas station while yelling “Help, help, he’s not breathing!” Tyus told his brother to call 911. The man had no pulse, and Tyus began chest compressions.

After three to five minutes the paramedics arrived and checked with Tyus that the 24-year-old man had no pulse when Tyus began compressions. The EMT told Tyus that the man did now and that he had saved his life.

This past July, sophomore John Mariscal witnessed his 6-month-old baby niece choking on a piece of banana. The parent was not exactly sure what to do, but John, being CPR-certified in class last year, took the baby and began chest thrusts and back slaps. On the 10th back slap, the piece of banana came out, saving his niece’s life.

If you know or see these students, please thank them for their help and don’t forget to thank a health care professional this week for his or her service.


The applications for the United National Pilgrimage for Youth Tour are available in the guidance office. Selected students will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City and the United Nations. They will tour the United Nations building, observe behind-the-scenes UN meetings, attend a Broadway play and visit many landmarks in New York. Sophomores and Juniors ages 16 and 17 are invited to apply. Pick up applications and information in the Guidance Office.


The film, “Ticket To Ride” from Warren Miller Entertainment, put on by the CHS ski team, will be shown at 7 p.m. Friday at the Carson City Community Center. Tickets are available at the door. All proceeds benefit the CHS Ski Team.


Twenty-one advanced-placement government students held their showcase practice night for the We the People competition at the Nevada Supreme Court on Monday. Members of the class are divided into six teams and prepare answers to constitutional questions and then present those answers to a panel of judges, who then follow that with a cross-examination of questions that further test the students’ knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.

A special thank you goes out to the following individuals from the Nevada Supreme Court who served as the judges for the evening.

Justice Nancy Saitta, Clerk of the Court Tracie Lindeman, and the following attorneys: Josh House, Charles Finlayson, Matthew Johnson, Kimi Johnson, Dan Slimak, Ted Wells and Brandee Mooneyhan.

The attorneys have also been mentoring the class all semester.

Also judging that night were CHS teachers Ali Cadwell and Patrick Mobley.

The students will compete at UNR on Saturday at the district We the People Competition. The top four scoring schools will advance on to the state competition in February. The advanced-placement government We the People Competition class is taught by Angila Golik. The class requires a 3.5 or higher grade-point average to be considered to take the class, as well as a completed application.

Besides the competitive portion of the class, students will also take the Advanced Placement Exam in May for college credit. Good luck Senators at the district competition.

Angila Golik is a government teacher at Carson High School and a member of Senator Pride.


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