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3-day wait period for buying a gun isn’t enoughMy husband and I own various guns. Knowing that judges allow mentally ill people to own guns and assault rifles is appalling. I agree completely with Sen. Ben Kieckhefer when he said he is considering to “have individuals listed in the background investigation database when a psychiatrist petitions to have them committed instead of requiring adjudication by the court.”We have too many sick individuals running around killing people because they are mad at how life has treated them or their mental state does not allow them to comprehend the dangers and damage they can do when owning a gun. The state of Nevada has an avid amount of gun owners. This is because there are many places to hunt, we have military men and women, not to mention homeowners protecting their homes. I believe that the 3-day waiting period for any type of gun is too short. I do not believe that an extensive background search on a person can be done in 3 days. This may allow the seller of the guns to protect the community as well as the person buying said gun.I believe that when a person is brought in for questioning in a homicide or domestic abuse case they should have to relinquish their firearms until after the police and a psychiatrist clears them of the charges and say they are not in danger of harming another human being.The law cannot always help save our lives from those who plan to do bodily harm to others.Gwendolynn WhiteCarson CityExpert on Obamacare’s pitfalls sought for event Women Rising Above Partisanship, aka Rising Above Partisanship, now Sierra Nevada Forums, held a public Forum on the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act Part I in 2012 and is holding another.Previously speakers were the public health officer of Carson City, regional director of the Department of Health and Human Services, and director of the Silver State Insurance Exchange. Each spoke only of the benefits of Obamacare. This time they will be much the same.SNF tells me they know of no experts who can present the down side of Obamacare. If you are such an expert, please contact me at slposselt@charter.net or 775-267-0537 and I will forward a package to SNF. Stuart PosseltMinden


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