Contest prize donated to Food For Thought

State worker Nancy Tiffany won $100 in a Tahoe Fracture Orthopedic and Medical Clinic social media contest and donated it to Carson City's Food For Thought.The clinic and an employee each matched the amount, increasing Tiffany's donation to $300 for the organization that provides weekend food to needy children through schools in Carson, Silver Springs and parts of Douglas County.Associated costs amount to $10,000 per month, so the $300 was welcomed by Stephanie Gardner, executive director, and Nancy Yamamoto, president, with Food For Thought.Tiffany, Gardner and Yamamoto gathered at the Tahoe clinic offices Friday to receive a check from clinic Office Manager Ann Erwin and Practice Representative Andrea Card.Erwin turned the check over to Tiffany, a fiscal management analyst and former officer with the Nevada Parole and Probation Division, who turned it over to Gardner. At the same time, Erwin disclosed the clinic's and her own matching contributions.Tiffany said she decided to pass her winnings on to Food For Thought “because of the great things they do” and the lean operation they have to feed area children.Gardner and Yamamoto said Food For Thought began in 2007 serving about 30 kids, but reaches approximately 800 with their programs. The social media contest asked people to like the Tahoe clinics Facebook page in about three weeks last month and Tiffany, one of them, was the winning entry. The clinic is on Mica Drive in northern Douglas County.To donate to Food for Thought, go to or call 775-885-7770.


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