Letters to the editor

‘Free’ money for a bad SamaritanOn Dec. 27 some lucky person found a blue money bag at the College Parkway Walmart. This bag contained rent money and a phone card to re-up minutes that have not been downloaded to the phone. The money and other items belong to a person who is disabled mentally and physically. This individual relies on a monthly disabled fixed income that has to pay for food, utilities, rent and any other basic needs that a human requires to survive. This person can not drive or work. On behalf of this person, and myself, we want to say thanks for your inability to ask yourself what is right or wrong. Maybe someone out there really needed this money to survive. Thanks to you not knowing right from wrong, this person could not pay his or her rent or re-up their phone that they depend on. Thanks to you not turning it in so this person can reclaim it and not be stressed, this person has to answer to his landlord as to why he can’t pay for this month’s rent. It’s not like he can say the dog ate it. But hey, the most important thing is you can pay for more food, or pay some bills or do extra things. While you are doing more because of this free money that came your way, someone is now doing without. Shame on you! Enjoy yourself.Leonard GemetteCarson City‘Judge not lest ye be judged’It’s starting early this year, folks! A brand new year arrives and here we go again with more holier-than-thou, self-righteous homophobic hatred from Ms. Santomauro. She warns of “behavior that would result in another Sodom and Gomorrah event in the United States.” Give it a break, hon.We wonder why the church is losing so many people while we constantly hear, see and read so-called “Christians” broadcasting such caustic hate toward their misunderstood brothers and sisters. While Ms. Santomauro seems quite fond of quoting scripture, she chooses to conveniently ignore Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Only God can judge, not you, not me. If you don’t like gays then don’t be one. We all have or know of family and friends who are good, decent and loving people who happen to be gay. Nothing warrants their repudiation or excommunication from the human race.In the latest presidential election, we had the chance to vote for a candidate who would push the anti-gay agenda and, in unison, we as a people said, “No.” Real Christians love and forgive. Fake ones hate. By spreading so much hate and discontent about gays, Ms. Santomauro is repelling more people from the church than she realizes. No intelligent person wants to be a part of a negative God hate squad.Put down the torch and pitchfork and repent for your hatred. It’s 2013 and there’s no better time for the separation of church and hate.Robin ChristyCarson City


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