Timing of Ault decision hurt Nevada

If you believe a blogger at cbssports.com, the University of Nevada has offered its head football job to Brian Polian, son of long-time NFL executive Bill Polian.UNR president Marc Johnson is denying a job offer has been made, which usually means a school has offered and is giving the candidate a chance to mull it over.Polian just finished his first season at Texas A&M, his third stop as an assistant coach. He previously worked at Stanford and Notre Dame.If Polian has been offered the job, I’ll admit to being disappointed because I’d like to see somebody who has been a head coach before running the Nevada program.I have the utmost respect for Chris Ault, but he had to know that he would put the Pack in a precarious position by announcing his retirement when he did. Was he trying to send a message to the school when he quit?Was the meltdown at the New Mexico Bowl the last straw for Ault? If it was, why not announce the retirement the day after the game?Ault said that financial constraints at UNR would keep the program from getting any better, and that’s sad to hear if you are a Pack fan. Simply put, the Wolf Pack are in the same boat as the Oakland Athletics. A good program, but never able to make it all the way because they can’t get the players they need because of a lack of money.I would have liked to have seen Ault stay for one more year. He could have finished the recruiting, coached in 2013 and the school could have hired a new assistant coach who would take over for the 2014 season.•••And speaking of the MWC, I’m glad to see Boise State finally come its senses and get out of the Big East. For a while the Broncos turned into money grabbers. Their initial decision made no sense whatsoever. Hopefully San Diego State will follow suit. Both schools belong in the MWC. It’s too bad that BYU doesn’t understand that.•••I’ll never quite understand what goes through the minds of coaches. Take Saturday for example. The Manogue girls had a 20-plus point advantage over Carson, yet the Miners kept a lot of their first-teamers in the game, AND shot 3-pointers. No need for either of those things to happen. In my opinion I don’t think Manogue should have had a starter on the floor the last 10 minutes of the game.•••Bob Ladouceur, who guided De La Salle to 151 straight wins from 1992 to 2004, stepped down as head coach on Friday. The 58-year-old Ladouceur, who won 399 and lost 25 will be replaced by current assistant and former player, Justin Alumbaugh.Ladouceur won more section titles (28) than he had losses (25). He compiled a 15-0 record this season and the Spartans return many key players.


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