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Debating Agenda 21 is a good thing

To agree or disagree on Agenda 21 is a good thing. It sparks debate on our present, past and future quality of life, an extremely important issue at this point in time.

People have to realize and possibly remember that this present economic mess didn't just materialize in 2001, as some would have you believe. Even Congress has avoided placing a timeline on our present economic mess, and well they should.

For instance, in 1960 the Real Gross Domestic Product (economic productivity) was 10 percent. In 1963 it dropped to 5 percent. From 1963-1993, there was a 30-year moving average of 2.5 percent economic productivity. It hasn't improved since. Statistics are from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

So how and why did all of this come about? Well, any political party that dominates and otherwise controls Congress for 40 years from 1954-1994 get to lock in their agenda and the policies that make it happen. Fortunately or unfortunately, none of this is possible without the approval of the greater news media at large. In this case, their deafening silence was their approval.

Shortly after the 2009 inauguration, the World Environmental Organization called for more global economic reductions. Shortly after that, at the Helsinki Environmental Accords, they called for a vote to take control of all the world's purchasing capabilities. The vote failed in part because some countries wanted to first improve their quality of life. Isn't that interesting. Is government control increasing, or not?

Ron Wood


Self-protection in the modern age

In this modern age of self-protection, here are some helpful ideas.

Let us modernize home security system signs to read, "This home is protected by shotguns, Glocks, 1 Oozie, a Bushmaster, 1 Kalashnikov and a Civil War Gatling gun with a machete in case of gun jamming." Warning: This will keep criminals away, but it could lead to a lack of visits from friends, particularly at night.

Other ideas would be an automatic weapon in the office of school principals with a Glock for school counselors. Warning: this could discourage student visits to the administrative and guidance offices.

For the ultimate security, low-flying drones that could blast an illegal entrant 20 yards of any school entrance. These drones would only fly during school hours. No need to overdo it.

Following up on statements from NRA head Wayne LaPierre, let us arm the good guys with white shirts and the bad guys with black shirts so we know who is who in a gun battle.

These are a few ideas to protect us from disturbed individuals, while allowing the protection of our God given gun rights and a Second Amendment that was meant for militias in a different age, over 200 years ago.

Harold Zaroff


Speak out against gun bans

I've been reading these letters to the editor about gun control. I don't have a real answer, but I do know that murderers and thieves want unarmed victims, and government now wants unarmed citizens.

The Second Amendment allows citizens to own guns. A little history here: deaths in 2011 from assault rifles was 323,496 by hammers, 650 by knives, 12,000 by drunk drivers, 195,000 by medical malpractice. You are 600 times more likely to die by using Obamacare than an assault rifle. Feel sick yet?

Could the government eventually want to disarm the citizens to have control (it's called tyranny). In 1940, Yamamoto warned Japan not to invade America, they would find a gun behind every blade of grass. That's why Germany so quickly defeated France in WWII. All of France's guns were registered, the Germans knew everybody who owned one. You either turned it over or were killed. In WWI, on the other hand, as Germany was invading Belgium and France, they had to fight the civilians as well as the military. The people, as you might guess, didn't fare well, but they did slow the Germans down. That was only in 1914 at the Marne.

So if you want to protect yourself, speak out on the proposed ban on assault weapons. Next they would be trying to ban handguns and rifles. Where would it end? Learn how to use a gun and be responsible. Maybe get your CCW. Protect yourself.

Brad McCleary

Carson City

Saying 'no thanks' to flu shot

"Wear a mask or get the flu shot," that sums up the email from my manager.

I will make the decision of what is injected into my body. I will be the one who does the research as to how many times in the past 10 years "you" have mixed up the correct vaccine for injection into the public.hint, the odds are very bad.

So this year I asked myself, "Why is the hype so big this year? Why don't we make cigarettes or alcohol difficult to buy? After all, each of those things kill many more than the flu." Then I remember, follow the money. The government has invested millions of dollars in influenza vaccines. No thank you, I will wear your mask and wash my hands as I care for my patients.

And you people who fear the government are taking away your rights. Well, you may be right.

Brenda Hayden

Carson City

Simple test for downtown

In regards to creating a two-lane downtown in Carson City, I think it is a big waste of money and time. I do not believe that creating a few extra parking spaces will increase the traffic to the downtown area only create congestion.

A simple way to see what traffic flow would be like is to block off a lane in each direction for a month or two and see what happens. How much could a simple test like that cost? A whole lot less than ripping out all the beautiful rod iron fencing and modifying downtown for a few parking spaces.

In a time when our economy is in such distress and cutbacks need to be made everywhere, why would we even consider such a frivolous idea? We need to draw thousands of tourists into our city, not just provide a handful of extra parking spaces. More energy and negotiations should be put into issues like getting the Ormsby House up and running and promoting Carson City as a prime destination location.

Pamela Castner

Mound House


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