Man allegedly stabs neighbor with sword

A 27-year-old Carson City man was arrested Jan. 18 after he allegedly stabbed his neighbor twice with a Samurai sword, once in the butt and once in the hip.

Tye Deforest was arrested on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and obstructing for the Jan. 17 incident.

Deforest told deputies he felt threatened by a next-door neighbor in his apartment building, and had stabbed the man in self-defense, according to the arrest report.

The victim told deputies he was "trying to get with his lady and all he could hear was (Deforest) banging on the walls and slamming the front door," according to the report.

The victim said he knocked on Deforest's door, who answered with an unsheathed sword over his shoulder.

Deforest walked towards the back of his apartment and the victim told deputies he followed him.

The report states that Deforest then allegedly lunged toward the victim with the lowered sword, stabbing him twice.

Deforest's bail was set at $30,412.


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